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Your employees are carp | Legendary Threads

There's something fishy about this fan favourite from the forums...

By Dafydd Wood / Tuesday, April 7, 2020

A single typo can land you in hot water around these parts - as those of us on the editorial team know all too well - some, though, make a bigger splash than others. Little did PHer Singlecoil know, when he left one of his 28,000+ posts back in November 2008, that people would still be talking about his spelling slip over a decade later.

The post in question is more of a rhetorical one than a genuine question, a chance to vent rather than a request for serious advice. Nonetheless, a lone misplaced letter in the heading was enough to trigger a feeding frenzy amongst his fellow members, who clearly needed little baiting to jump at the chance of a tasty pun.

What follows are six pages of fish-based frivolity, some contributions considerably cleverer than others. High-brow satire it aint, but in times like this we could all do with a good laugh, and whether it comes from a series of carefully scripted scenes, or half a dozen pages-worth of 'brain sturgeon' and 'workplace anemone' jokes makes little difference.

So don your waders, grab your rod (not like that) and enjoy this gem from the murky depths of the PH forums.

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