Marcos TS250

There’s a lot of the old about the new Marcos sports car - and for that matter the new company behind it.

As far as the company goes, this might have a new name but it’s still based in the same old Nissan huts in Westbury, while equally familiar is the man running it - Mr Marcos himself, Jem Marsh, back for his fourth stint of Marcos production.

As far as the car goes, the TS250 (thankfully they’ve dropped the awful Marcasite name) still uses essentially the same square section steel tube spaceframe chassis that Marcoses have had since 1969, while its MacPherson strut front/wishbone rear suspension is similar to that used on every Marcos since the Mantara.

There’s not much new about the body either, the back end obviously being as per the Manta Ray, although the front end with its Peugeot headlights is noticeably different. It’s not exactly new though, for while its public debut might have been at Marcos’ Goodwood re-launch last year, Speed & Style magazine pictured the prototype in the June 2000 issue.

Take a look at the TS250’s interior and guess what? Yep, you’ll still find the same fixed seats/moving pedals arrangement that Marcos introduced on the 1800 coupe back in 1963.

Not that any of this should be a surprise of course as Marcos have basically been producing continually modified versions of the same car for 40 years now...

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