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How many cars have ‘saved’ Aston Martin? Lots, for a company that only ever seemed to be a couple of new vehicle registrations from bankruptcy for many decades. But of those saviours, it’s probably the DB9’s star that shines brightest. 

Consigning the DB7 to the history books meant Aston could finally rid itself of the awkward packaging compromises bestowed on it by a platform that could trace its roots back to the Jaguar XJS. So the DB9 came with an all-new bonded aluminium platform, was built in a sleek and shiny new factory at the company’s headquarters in Gaydon, Warwickshire, and got its own bespoke 5.9-litre V12 motor slotted under the bonnet.

With a top speed under 190mph and a 0-60mph sprint time that many hot hatches would outpace today, the DB9 isn’t the most rapid of cars, but it offers effortless pace, gorgeous styling and an imposing GT car vibe. In short, it begs you to hop into it and whizz off to the south of France every time you look at it. Just as Aston Martin should.

And despite being in production for 12 years – making it the longest-lived Aston ever, it still looks every bit as classy as it did back in 2004.

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