2005 Ariel Atom 2

10,700 mi
158 BHP



  • One owner from new

  • Upgraded suspension components, fitted by Ariel

  • Extensive manufacturer service history 

  • Open top motoring at its best

  • Only 10,700 miles 


There is a long tradition of British people waking up one morning with the unshakable need to build a fast, lightweight sportscar, then proceeding to their shed and actually building the thing. This happened in the late ‘90s, and by the year 2000 the Ariel Atom had been designed, built and put on sale to the public.

The performance, unique styling, and downright bonkersness of the Atom attracted the present owner of this car to purchase it new from the factory in 2005, and to hold on to it ever since. And we can see why: once you’ve experienced the raw thrill of driving an Atom, it must make driving any other car seem like being wrapped in cotton wool. 

Ten years after purchasing his dream car, the owner decided it was time to give it a bit of a tickle, so it returned to the factory to have a major upgrade to its suspension with bellcranks and adjustable Bilstein shock absorbers, as fitted to the Ariel Atom 3.5. He also opted for the fitment of aero screens at this time, providing surprising protection from the elements when on the move.

So if you’re looking for a car which is dedicated entirely to being lightweight, handling superbly, and generally doing things quickly, then this Atom is certainly worth a bid. And its superb history, single ownership, and all-round good condition all add to the appeal 

History and documentation

  • Registered 26 Jul 2005

  • Original sales invoice on file, with confirmation of the car’s specification 

  • Only one owner from new

  • Collection of invoices and old MOT certificates

  • Invoice on file for registration number ‘AT05 FUN’ from the DVLA

  • This registration number will remain with the car upon sale 

  • Invoices for servicing by Ariel Motor Company as follows: Mar 2009, Jul 2010, Oct 2013, May 2015, Apr 2024 

  • Instructions for the starting procedure and regular maintenance

  • Original brochure, and Issue 1 of ‘Atomotion’, the newsletter of the Ariel Atom Owner’s Club

  • Current MOT with no advisories expires 24 Jul 2024

  • Only 10,732 miles on the odometer  

  • V5 present in owner’s name

  • HPI clear


  • The ‘interior’ of this Ariel Atom is a very sparse environment, with only the bare essentials for comfort

  • The tubular chassis rails surround the occupants, providing a reassuring amount of protection

  • Clear plastic side panels ensure good visibility and an exciting view

  • One-piece, moulded seats fitted with Willans harnesses 

  • There is some slight cosmetic wear to the floor trays, showing that this car has been used

  • Removable, suede-covered steering wheel for ease of entry and exit 

  • Diminutive wind deflectors keep the worst of the wind out of the driver and passenger’s faces

  • Instrument cluster and switches directly in front of the driver 

  • ‘Tilton’ aluminium pedals, with generous spacing

  • There is a little condensation inside the instrument cluster

  • ‘Luggage’ space consists of a small lunchbox-sized tray at the front of the car 

  • Optional factory-fitted 12V socket 


  • The Atom’s distinguishing feature is its tubular construction, proudly on display throughout 

  • There is very little in the way of body panels, leaving everything open to inspection 

  • The instruction sheet advises the owner to ‘ensure that the fasteners on the rear engine cover and air box click home when fastened. Sometimes these need doing in a certain order, but each car is different’ 

  • The sharply pointed front end shows that this car means business

  • Generally, the exterior looks very smart for its age, with only a few scuffs to be found 

  • 15-inch alloy wheels are free from visible damage 

  • New set of Yokahama tyres 

  • Underneath everything looks superbly clean; evidently this car is unaccustomed to muddy puddles

  • The suspension components are all proudly on show, with lock-wires and markings still present


  • 1,998cc Honda Civic Type S engine produces 160bhp 

  • Five-speed manual transmission

  • Supplied new with Alcon front brakes, competition rear brakes

  • There are plenty of invoices on file for servicing completed by Ariel themselves

  • Serviced in April 2024, including replacing the hydraulic master cylinders, throttle cable, fuel hoses, and other parts

  • In 2015 a number of upgrades were fitted including four Atom 3/3.5 bellcranks, and four Atom 3/3.5 Bilstein adjustable dampers and springs

  • The suspension wishbones were blasted, recoated, and fitted with new bushes, the track rod ends were replaced, the driveshafts were refurbished, and the auxiliary belt was replaced

  • The engine looks very clean and tidy, and the suspension components are similarly well presented 


The Ariel Atom is the stuff of childhood dreams. It is a pure, undiluted driving experience. It’s for the driver who doesn’t worry about their passenger’s recently styled hair, or about carrying anything more than a single meal’s worth of shopping. This car won’t compromise; it simply won’t let you do anything other than drive it for driving’s sake. And we salute this sentiment. 

In an age when cars are striving to do more and be more, with every form of entertainment available on their screens, the Atom takes us back to first principles and reminds us what real fun is. 

To arrange a viewing, please request this in the Q&A section. You can click through to the seller's profile and use the 'Email Me' function to arrange a viewing privately. This seller is located near Winchester, Hampshire.

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