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Okay, so you lose the pop-up headlights of the original – otherwise known as the NA – but other than that the NB (Mazda-speak for the second-generation car) was just as sweet-handling as the first MX-5. It was also a touch more civilised.  
 In short, it offered more interior space, plus luxuries such as a real glass (rather than plastic) rear screen. The entry-level 1.6, with around 115hp, is a little pedestrian, though the 1.8 had a more respectable 140-146hp, plus a Torsen limited-slip differential. Power is not the key to the MX-5’s appeal, of course, so whether you end up with an entry-level car or one of the many bells-and-whistles special-edition models, you’ll still be able to enjoy roof-down roadster motoring on a sensible budget.  
 Do be wary of rust, however. The Mk1 was hardly immune to rotting away, but the second-generation car suffered even more, particularly the sills and the chassis rails. These are both areas that are hidden from a casual inspection, so make sure you do your homework before pulling the trigger on a cheap car – of which there are many.

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