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A car like the Morgan 3-Wheeler really ought not to work. It also ought not to be possible in an automotive industry that requires such modern niceties as crumple zones and a roof. Or a windscreen. And yet the gorgeously eccentric Morgan not only exists, but is brilliant into the bargain.

The 2.0-litre V-twin, mounted transversely on the nose of the car like some sort of hunting trophy, comes from S&S, a US engine builder whose fuel-injected V-twins are often fitted aftermarket to older Harleys in need of a replacement motor. It’s connected to a five-speed manual from the third-generation Mazda MX-5 (providing a delightfully sweet gearchange) and with only 525kg to haul along it’s pretty swift, despite just delivering just 83hp.

Early cars had a reputation for some wayward handling traits, an issue sorted by revisions in models sold from 2014 onwards, while cars from mid-2017 had engines that conformed to Euro4 emissions regulations. This made them more fuel-efficient (good), but slower, heavier and less powerful (all bad).

Yet even the slowest, heaviest 3-Wheeler will induce a face-achingly permanent grin for as long as you’re behind the wheel. So, strap on that flying jacket and goggles combo, and go cruising...

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