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The Nissan 370Z is the spiritual successor to the Datsun 240Z of the late 1960s/early 1970s, and it stays true to the spirits of the original Z car: plenty of power and torque from a naturally aspirated six-cylinder engine and a simple rear-wheel drive chassis.

True, the 370Z has rather more power (with 326hp) and some high-tech tricks (such as a world-first automatic rev-matching feature on downshifts), but the principles of a simple, rear-drive coupe remain the same.

In a world where most performance cars are four-wheel-drive hyper hatches or big-power saloons, the charm of an old-school coupe like the Nissan is significant. Do be aware, though, that the big engine will only see you returning around 20mpg in town, and you’ll have to book the car in for a service every 9,000 miles.

And don’t expect an Alfa Romeo Busso-style sophistication to the engine note or Audi-grade interior plastics, either. But as long as you have your expectations set to the right level, you’ll have a whale of a time in one.

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