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For many, the definitive 911, arriving towards the end of the air-cooled era but with a few crucial developments as well. In recent years the 964 has enjoyed a renewed period of appreciation as the donor model for many a backdated 911 project, and also thanks to increased demand for the Carrera RS - a model ignored by the market for a long time.

Launched in 1989 and available until 1994, the 964 was about 85 per cent new compared to its immediate Carrera 3.2 predecessor. Perhaps its most notable achievements in five years on sale were ushering in technologies we now accept as commonplace on the 911: both four-wheel drive and an automatic gearbox made their respective debuts during the 964โ€™s time on sale. Back then the manual was still the most popular variant, however.

Today itโ€™s those manuals that are most in demand to relive a classic a 911 variant, especially the Carrera 2. As the iconic Porsche moves further towards a digital driving experience in the 2020s, those engaging, immersive, demanding old 964s will remain loved. It took ยฃ50k to get into a good Carrera 2 a few years ago, and thatโ€™s still the case now - donโ€™t expect it to change much anytime soon, either...

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