PH Trophy at Daytona Sandown
PH Trophy at Daytona Sandown
Date(s): Wednesday 25th May
Summary: Join us at Daytona Sandown
Cost: £58
Details: Join us with Daytona for the first PistonHeads Trophy at Sandown on May 25th.

It's £57.50 per person and we have 25 spots available.

Please note adding your name to this list does not guarantee a spot – full details to book are here
1. Ben Lowden
(Ben Lowden)
Renaultsport Megane 275 Cup-S
2. Matt Dell
(Matt Dell)
Mario Kart
3. kiwi_af XJ-S
4. samliggett
(sam liggett)
5. robertzlatarski BMW M4 Competition
6. tpotey Ford Fiesta
7. lexham
8. GrahamNorton
(Graham Norton)
Ignis Sport + Brother (2 SPACES)
9. MDifficult
10. MrTouring
11. svarsani
(Sanjay Varsani)
12. Katie-nt957 Uber
13. RacingPete
(Peter Dignan)
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