Morgan Saturday Service
Morgan Saturday Service
Date(s): Saturday 16th July
Summary: Morgan Saturday Service
Cost: £5
Details: IMPORTANT: Adding your car to this list does not guarantee entry. Before you add your car to this list, secure your place by booking a place for your car on the Morgan website

Date: Saturday 16th July 2022
Cost: £5 per car
Time: 0900-1200
Space: 300 cars


Morgan Experience Centre
Spring Lane
WR14 2LS
1. psychoR1
(Andy Sykes)
Merc 350SLK Have booked at Morgan car +2/3pers
2. C70GT Volvo C70GT
3. Cheekyweekesy
(Andy Weekes)
Mazda MX-5
4. jeremyc
5. Zilla Nissan GTR R35
6. bolidemichael
(Michael Bolide)
S211 E500 + Mrs Bolide
8. Nessey
(Tom Hennessey)
9. Its A Traapp
(Alastair Edees)
Jaguar i-Pace
10. dkidd85
(Daniel Kidd)
Skoda Octavia VRS
11. JackReacher BMW m340i
12. rolspoles
(Roland Scull)
BMW E46 M3
13. BaguetteGarage Aston Martin V8
14. Ali Hubbard
(Alison Hubbard)
Fiat Coupe 20v VIS Have booked with Morgan. Car + at least 1 other
15. coop252
(Mark Cooper)
Nissan 370z
16. Scrump 996 Carrera
17. E30KB Mercedes 190e
18. Bobberoo
(Christopher Morris)
Mk2 Focus Estate Booked with Morgan!!
19. sharper
(Simon Harper)
VW Golf
20. S18RSG BMW Supra Booked with Morgan
21. Peter Bishop
(Peter Bishop)
Morgan 4/4 Booked with Morgan
22. Corkys
Ariel Atom 4
23. adilkhalifa
(Mohammad adil khalifa)
Megane R26
24. toad777 Ferrari 348
25. boldey GR YARIS Booked with Morgan
26. Blue Mk8 Golf R RS Focus Plus One passenger
27. R129 300SL
28. N.Chapman Aston Martin V8 Vantage Booked with Morgan
29. Court_S
BMW 335i
30. Griffit
(Andy Johnson)
TVR Griffith 500 Always miss these so looking forward to it!
31. Fingers3
(Mark Hands)
32. woolybear
Exige 350s, or 911 Carrera 4 Ticket booked, for the Event with Morgan..
33. cowboyengineer
Defender bowler
34. mustdash
Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio
35. NA3pedals BMW Z4MC
36. jMac1
(Jack McCallum)
Lotus Exige V6 S Booked plus one passenger :D
37. Mikebentley
(Mike )
Defender or Duster I only live 100 metres away but will be driving! Booked.
38. AAD44H
(Adam Haines)
39. KarlMac TVR Chimaera 400 Booked with Morgan.
40. progers
(Paul Rogers)
41. Jmorgan93
(James Morgan)
Audi S3
42. Dr Meat
(Sean Lewis)
Nissan Skyline R34 GTR & R34 GTS 2 xTickets Brought
43. R34 SEDAN R34 Sedan
44. Chris.65
(Chris Hill)
Cayman R or Subaru WRX STI Type
45. Terminator X BMW M2 Comp
46. Robvx Lotus evora or i20n
47. HariboPenguin
BMW E92 M3
48. 27ec
(Zee )
BMW 520d Touring
49. Leeshothatch1 Hyundai i20N
50. oldtamensian V8V or S2000 +1
51. Green Fly
TVR Tuscan & MK 1 Focus RS Booked on Morgan Site.
52. Noblebenn
TVR T350 Benn and Richard - Tickets reserved.
53. GVO
(John Evans)
Alfa Giulia
54. mikesding
Mini John Cooper Works
55. jl34 Lotus exige v6
56. blue al
Roadster jcw Hopefully topless
57. red one
(Nigel Redman)
Porsche Cayman S
58. sam___c Cupra Formentor
59. Tyrant
Ariel Atom 3.5 Supercharged
60. gpbox
(Graham Palmer)
Datsun 240z
61. Dunelm Alumnus
Kia Niro
63. IAche
(Andy Moss)
BMW 330i
64. scs1
(Steve Saunders)
Corvette C7 Z06
65. Reggid85 Alpine A110
67. cwoodsie2
(Chris Wood)
Golf GTI
69. Dm9817587 BMW M2 Competition
70. Garagieri
Mazda RX7
71. bmassey
(Bill Massey)
Defender +1
72. orangeracer Jaguar F-Pace
73. ti325 E30 325i
74. AudiRSHead Electric something With daughter who is excited about a 3-wheeler
75. Flyingdutchman VW Golf Gti + 1
76. stevefesta SLK 55 AMG
77. draig
(Stuart Rowlands)
Aston Martin DB11 AMR
78. mikefarrellcbr
(Mike Farrell)
Peugeot RCZ
79. Big6 VW Golf gti clubsport edition 40
80. Usowicz Abarth 595
81. cliveyp
(Clive Pratley)
MK2 Golf GTI 16V
82. Robbo.t
(Rob Turner)
83. Si8pny Bmw E92 M3 Booked with Morgan also.
84. markiii
(Mark jones)
85. max b
Booked with Morgan
86. Yellowcab
(Jerry Lucas)
Audi RS6 C8 Booked
87. Gasheadian Porsche Cayman 2.9
88. Foggy748
Lotus Exige
89. Craikeybaby
(Lewis Craik)
MR2 Roadster Possibly with CB junior. Booked with Morgan.
90. monktoc
(carl monkton)
Merc +2 Poss +4
91. AndyTam TVR Tamora +1
92. Philv8s
Maserati Gransport
93. Mattl85
(Matthew Lankester)
MINI JCW Clubman
94. A1mjb
(Martin berry)
95. clark217
(Clark Powell)
C43 AMG W202
96. JRK888
(James King)
Mini Countryman JCW
97. Pinbob0 Porsche Boxster 987 Booked with Morgan
98. benjiegsi
(Ben Nightingale)
Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Junior
99. Reedy4147
(Adam Reed)
Focus St-line Estate
(Preshan Jeevaratnam)
VW Up GTi + 1
101. dev635
(C Devereux)
Bmw 635csi/ M140i
102. tonymor
(tony moreton)
Bmw Zed4 e89
103. Teutonic_Matt
(Matt Craddock)
Toyota Supra 3.0i Turbo
104. FakeJohnny99
(Johnny M)
Lotus Elise Booked with Morgan
105. Bahnstormer
BMW Z4C Booked with Morgan
106. Yoof 911 Turbo
107. Junderhill R56 Cooper S Convertible
108. buy_cheap_pay_later SL500
109. Brad58 Peugeot 308 Two persons, booked with Morgan
110. RB5_180
(Jamie Jones)
Jaguar XJR575 Family outing I suspect
111. hashluck Morgan Aero Coupe
112. SFO
(Sean )
Mercedes SL
113. MSP124 Morgan plus 4 Registered with Morgan
114. mark 993 targa
(Mark Thomas)
Porsche 981 Spyder
115. Deanmg
(Martin Dean)
Porsche GT3
116. akadk
Jaguar XE SV Project 8
117. maser222e
(Neal Day)
118. Beaky59
1987 Porsche 911 Carrera
119. Earl of Petrol
BMW Z4 probably + Countess Petrol
120. Viperz888
121. 1320ChevyV8 Porsche Cayman 987
122. drewgee Morgan +4 SuperSport 60th Anni or Teal Bugatti Type 35 Rep
123. burnley4ever BMW M235i Gran Coupe
124. Bez1260 Porsche Cayman 981 + 1
125. kellydk
(Dave Kelly)
Elise / MX5 Two coming and Morgan tickets booked
126. russ turner
(russell turner)
Jaguar FType Plus SWMBO
127. Pskap Jaguar xe
128. Ry_bat Morgan 3 Wheeler or Volvo V60
129. 356Speedster AMG C63S Coupe Booked @ Morgan
130. Twincharged
131. marktomkinson Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce 280
132. ecs0set
TVR Griffith 500
133. Welsh_Meat M3 e92 frozen silver edition Tickets booked (2x cars)
134. jordmcd151 Mini Cooper S (R53)
135. Mogsin
Morgan +8
136. RR04TOR Raptor RR Raptor Kit Car Factory Built 325bhp supercharged
137. keo
Exige Booked with Morgan
138. Icepick Smart ForTwo or Ducati Multistra
139. smorrisjones Audi S5 Booked With Morgan
140. ben2083
(Ben Lester)
VW Transporter T5
141. clarkey
(Stephen Clarke)
Ariel Nomad supercharged Booked 2 cars
142. hoonatic
(Peter Clancy)
Aston Martin V8 Vantage May have to bring Audi RS4 if Aton not available
143. adzvrs
Skoda octavia vrs
145. sth78 Lotus XI + lad. hopefully dry!
146. 147GTA Kia E-Niro
147. GenKirby
(Hayden Morgan)
BRZ Should be me + Fam
148. griffter
(Ben Buchanan)
Honda S2000
149. R M CRIBB Porsche Boxster
150. FSTi
Impreza STi 20th anniversary Booked with Morgan
151. micloi Subaru Forester STi
153. TurnerPhil
(Phil Irons)
Vauxhall Monaro CV8
154. and7997
Audi R8 Booked with Morgan
155. SimonH72 L322 Range Rover Vogue TDV8
156. petrolbloke
Octavia VRS Booked with Morgan
157. stavr0ss
(Ben Hanford)
Porsche 996 +1
158. A110MW
Mercedes C63 Wagon
159. georgekitchen7 BMW Z4 3.0si Roadster
160. DaveMokler
(David Mokler)
Mercedes SLK 55 AMG
161. Ben Lowden
(Ben Lowden)
Renaultsport Megane 275 Cup-S
162. elpichichi Porsche Boxster S (987)
163. SmiffyR53JCW R53 MINI Cooper S JCW
164. IrishDave
(david o connor)
BMW i3
165. CrudgieM Mazda MX-5
166. Jonathon HRS
(Jonathon Rushton)
Morgan +4 First registered in 1967 and purchased by me in 2002 this Morgan +4 underwent an extensive and sympathetic ‘ground up’ rebuild during the following couple of years. Since 2005 this Morgan +4 has been racing regularly with the Historic Sports Car Cl
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