Prescott Hill Climb Sunday Service
Prescott Hill Climb Sunday Service
Date(s): Sunday 2nd April
Summary: Prescott Hill Climb Sunday Service
Cost: £12
Venue: Prescott
Details: Date: Sunday 2 April
Time: 10:00 - 17:00
Cost: General admission £12 in advance or £15 on the gate, under 16s go free
Space: 1,000 cars
Address: Prescott Speed Hill Climb, Gotherington, Cheltenham, GL52 9RD, UK
Book here:
1. Ben Lowden
(Ben Lowden)
Renaultsport Clio 172 Cup On the hill
2. Daggers89
(Richard Dagley)
Renaultsport Clio 182
3. NeilAndHisMini
(Neil Barden)
MINI GP2 Hill runs booked!
4. MDifficult
Ariel Atom Running the hill!
5. NJ72 Mazda RX8 R3 Doing 4x runs as well :-D
6. court Viano 3.5
7. usualdog
(Leo Tennant)
F56 Cooper S 210 Hillclimb booked.
8. Pierscoe1
(Piers Coe)
9. Fingers3
(Mark Hands)
350z roadster Runs on the hill booked
10. sandy1295 Merc C63 up the hill too!
11. tonycordon Not sure, depends on who wants t
12. MStephen1 GTM Spyder
13. Markcowdell Porsche Cayman
14. DaveB111s Lotus Elise 111s
15. McDurnell Fiesta ST On the hill
16. Darren K 2
(Darren Kilminster)
Lotus Evora S Booked for four 'hill runs'. Excited - yes lots!
17. Twinair
Depends on the weather! Hill runs booked 4 whatever.
19. SC54 AYS Bmw Z4C
20. nicrizz Mini
21. Flyin Banana
(Rob Pack)
Tvr tuscan
22. Marchutch
(Mark H.)
MINI GP 0636 Booked runs on the hill
23. andysteele
(Andy Steele)
Caterham 7 (1.6 Sigma Academy) Hill runs booked!
24. chris_steele Ford Mustang
25. p221024 911 or M3 Hill runs booked!
26. Court_S
E92 335i Hill runs booked
27. englishhaggis
(Paul Thorpe)
Jaguar XKR 5.0 Supercharged Hill runs booked!
28. Darkdice
BMW M2 Comp Hill runs booked
29. Suterman2
(Michael Suter )
30. QOTSA87
(Jack Smith)
Megane RS 265 Cup Booked hill runs too
31. DFO M140i Hill Climb Booked
32. RB Will
(Will Prout)
Ariel Nomad or Impreza P1 Booked for hill runs :)
33. lancasterGT4 GT4
34. jMac1
(Jack McCallum)
Lotus Exige Hill runs booked!
35. Jitstar
Clio V6
36. corner97 Circuit Pack GR Yaris
37. gmc89 981 Cayman GTS
38. dont_be_a_dick M4 or R55
39. Max325i
(Max )
40. makehay
(Paul Eden)
Ford Zephyr Mk2
41. crempendo
42. AndyM2249
(Andy Mac)
911 C2 (Moooooon miles)
43. sopert95
(Toby Soper)
Scirocco R
44. flyone R8
45. stavr0ss
(Ben Hanford)
46. Calvin_M2 BMW M2 Competition
47. sharper
(Simon Harper)
48. G Cressey Renault Spider (Or 130i if it’s binning it down)
49. SinglespRocket Lotus Elise 111S :-( Hill runs already SOLD OUT! But looking forward to it :-)
50. Clioblue182 Mini JCW
51. Yellowcab
(Jerry Lucas)
GR Yaris
52. Familyguy1982 Cupra Born Hill SOLD OUT! :-( Edit - Managed to get a space! :-)
53. jamieredtop
(Jamie Gillmore)
Impreza or euros RS
54. wigit
up! GTI Hill sold out :(
55. Radley70 Maserati MC Stradale
56. AdamC3046
Toyota Chaser
57. JBJames1980 106 Rallye
58. HK Phooey Mazda MX-5
60. doorman
(David Powell)
Volvo Polestar 6 cylinder petrol version, definitely NOT EV
61. GrahamNorton
(Graham Norton)
Suzuki Ignis Sport
62. WB_86 GT86 Made a deal with God to Be running up that hill (and not into a bush)
63. Bahnstormer
Caterham / BMW Z4
65. Benevans1997 Skoda Octavia VRS
66. xander66
Mazda mx5
67. LauraH
68. Blissy0 Cayman 987
69. Pablowhiteo BMW Z4
70. ianp63 BMW E46 M3 or Ford Capri
71. ESSOMAN Octavia mk4 Vrs
72. seanyfez
(Sean Horwood)
Morgan Roadster
73. Coskev
(Kev Teare)
Locost Seven
74. 1275 GT
(Joe Lambert)
Rover SD1 Vitesse
75. Stephen120173 BMW M2 OG As a member of Prescott Hill Climb I booked my ticket with the club before putting myself on the PH list here - apologies, newbie error ??
76. Bordtea Jaguar F-Type V6S
77. apx7 Lexus or Toyota
78. mgxmike
(Mike Linzey)
79. AAD44H
(Adam Haines)
G31 540i
81. VDUB_ANT Lupo gti Hill runs booked
82. Agent57 DB7
83. Billyjean2004
Mazda MX5 Hill runs booked
84. Scrump Monty the van Staying Saturday night
85. AllenF Suzuki Swift Sport
86. cwoodsie2
(Chris Wood)
Golf GTi
87. andrewp88 530
88. TS8 Subaru Impreza STi +1
89. theredmini
(Neil Brown)
Lotus Emira
90. daydotz
91. BlownImp Celica GT-Four - Mint Green First run out of the year :)
92. Drew106
(Andrew )
Eunos Roadster or Impreza STi
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