Caring with Cars 2011 - Children's Hospice
Caring with Cars 2011 - Children's Hospice
Date(s): Saturday 9th July
Summary: Large event for enthusiasts to support seriously ill children
Details: Sponsored by Bath and Bristol Audi, "Caring with Cars" brings Pistonheads members and enthusiasts together to raise much-needed funds for the Children's Hospice near Bristol, who care for over 1,000 life-limited children and their families across the south west.

The venue is the Children's Hospice set amongst beautiful, rolling countryside 2 miles off the M5, west of Bristol.

Admission is completely free, so bring the toy car and the family along for a lovely day of petrolheadism supporting a very worthwhile cause.

As well as taking donations on the day, we'll also have a charity raffle of interesting prizes and all money will go to the charity.

For full info, please visit the official website:
1. Luckyluciano
(Dave )
Aston Martin V8Vantage
2. 13th
(Susie (& Rod))
Lamborghini Diablo
3. Stubby Pete
Jaaag (unless I can fix the toy
4. Markvxt
(Mark Wilkinson)
Nissan 350z
5. Mish
(Hamish Rowe)
Lotus elise
6. BoostMonkey
Focus RS
7. JDs Paul
Not sure at the moment!
8. WR1 Shane
Impreza WR1
9. Mart D
(Martin D)
TVR Chimaera
10. Sssline
Civic Type-R
11. finefettlefilly
(Sandra Sears)
Lotus Elise R Touring
12. ricardo
(Richard Archer)
TVR Tuscan S
13. nickmac209
(Nick Macbean)
Subaru Forester STB
14. ahaughton
(Adrian Haughton)
Lamborghini Diablo SV
15. Danbo
(Dan )
Audi RS4 Avant
16. carreauchompeur
TBA! Looking forward to it...
17. antong
(Anthony Geddes)
Porsche 993 Carrera 4S
18. Dodd90
(Ben Dodd)
MX-5 Sounds good to me! :D
19. wessexrfc
(Paul Turner)
Bentley Eight & Noble 3R
20. Hawkinsster
(A Hawkins)
Lotus Exige pp
21. Broken
Octavia vRS
22. wilf tuscan s
(Kelvin Nicholls)
TVR Tuscan S
23. MrVert Porsche 993
24. custardkid
26. masseyis
(James Massey)
944 S2 Or Lancer RalliArt if the repair shop won't let me borrow my car back for a weekend
27. ktm301p
Cerbera 4.5 Lightweight
28. Southwestdave
Aston Martin V8 Vantage
29. Shewie
Porsche 996 Carrera 4S
30. Geoffp5b
(Geoff Arthur)
Rover 3.5 Litre Coupe A carefully restored deep blue classic Rover P5B Coupe with Silver Birch roof. Although very original it has been enhanced to make it usable in modern traffic. Engine power is now around 200BHP. Central locking, cat 1 alarm, hi-fi and sat nav are amongs
31. slick355
Ferrari 360M or Nissan 350Z
32. greggie87
(Greg Reeds)
EP3 Civic TypeR Or maybe new car by july!
33. StephenDJM
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX Or MGBV8 Roadster
34. tomsimes
(Tom Simes)
Fabia vRS
35. m8tt c
(Matt Caldecott)
Morgan Aero 8 S3
36. AngryApples
(Matt N)
M3 E46 SMG
37. Pints
Mazda MX-5
Noble M12 GTO3
39. mikerbiker69
(Mike Browning)
Focus ST2
40. SimonKD
(Simon Dyke)
TVR Cerbera 4.5LW
41. DeanoM12
Noble M12
42. TDIfurby
Skoda Fabia Mongrel Good cause, This is my work's official charity too, so be glad to support it
43. High flier
TT QS240
44. Midlifecrisis71
(Giles Burden)
Jaguar XKR Coupe Great event, cause & organisers !
45. chimtvr
46. mcloving
(Rob Freelove)
Honda S2000
47. M6 STU
(stuart jagger)
1987 porsche 911 carrera
48. RT/M
49. dannytherev Citroen C2VTS
50. Gold Star
(Steve - GoldStarWeddingCars)
NYPD Patrol Car We will be there to support the charity. Steve - Gold Star Wedding Cars
51. yorkieboy
(paul Niblett)
Subaru Impreza Sounds a very good day!
52. blueg33
(Nick )
TVR Tuscan Great Idea. Happy to support it
54. rdbrooksie
(Roger Brooks)
Lamborghini Countach
Challenge Stradale
56. T14HON
(Bob T)
TVR Typhon
57. _Batty_
58. themightyshwa
(Josh Ward)
VXR8 Looking forward to it
59. andriko30
(Andreas Costa)
E30 M3 aka Rashers Can't wait!
60. Macey
TVR Tuscan
61. hudsonbay
(sarah fraser)
Honda S2000 Glad to support local charities
62. EdLeMas
(Edward Le Masurier)
Renaultsport Clio 197 Cup
63. Mambas69 Lotus Elise 111S
64. aardvark64
(Colin Bridgewater)
Trabant 601 Limo De Luxe & 601 K The Limo was built in Jan 1990, so produced *after* the fall of the Berlin Wall. The Kübel was built for the East German Army and has various non-standard fittings.
65. FourstarGTR
(Chris White)
Ultima GTR I may even polish it :)
66. benjiegsi
(Ben Nightingale)
Vauxhall Nova Gsi
67. tobruT
(Jonathan Lavis)
Lamborghini Diablo 6.0VT
68. rm0rgan
(Rob M)
Lotus Exige S2 Exige S2, PP + TP, Stage 2 Exhaust, Magnetic Blue
69. roger1197 FORD GT + SHELBY GT500
70. yeti
DB9 Volante Manual car in Chiltern Green with Sports upgrades.
71. McAndy
Toyota MR2 Mk3 Roadster
72. StarlightS
(James Sincock)
Porsche Cayman S
73. mr2mk1g
Lotus Elise Type 25
74. The Bobster
(Robert Powell)
Elise S2
75. Foundy 348
76. thehos
E46 M3 SMG
77. tickious
205 GTi6
78. MendipWurzel
Lotus 7 - V8 (Kitcar) Lotus Seven kitcar with V8 engine.
79. Teglen
(Paul Baxter)
Renault GTA V6 Turbo
80. v8sss
(Christian Stephenson)
(Tony head)
Fiorano Corsa Spyder Kit Car 1948 Farrari sports/race car Look alike
82. mrmop
(barrie richards)
1955 Mk1 Zodiac Well done Graham for organising this worthy event. May bring the Mustang if the "Old Girl" does not feel up to the journey !!!!!
83. KelVXT
VX220 turbo
84. mgbond
(Martin Bond)
Noble M12 GTO
85. HolyMotherOfGod
(Sue Lavis)
Whatever we have by then. Back up car for Jon944S2 Diablo
86. RMW50
(Rich M W)
Stuart Taylor Motorsport
87. e36357i
(david searle)
e36bmw 357i vette engined bmw
88. andy miles
(andrew miles)
1983 porsche 911sc Andy Miles
89. orangeexige
(Chris Jones)
Lotus Exige S
90. scudoman
(tony alcock)
Robin Hood s7
91. Driver_Dave
(Dave williams)
suzuki ignis sport
92. BKCC Sylva Riot
93. thenortherner EP3 Type R
94. Bulldog Bri
(Bulldog Bri)
Pilgrim Bulldog
95. Pippage Aston Martin DB7 Zagato
96. ADHDboy
Honda S2000
(Richard Clark)
1969 Marcos 3LV6
98. RedBull
Lamborghini Countach Annivesary
99. sportie
100. riley1950
( Paul)
Riley roadster 1950
101. nonsso_P11 VLM E93 M3
102. cornpot
(Adrian Cornwell)
Honda S2000 My 2003 HillClimb car, having a day off!
103. xPOW
Ferrari 355 Spider
104. MUD3Y
(Muddy One)
Porsche 911 (997) C4S Cabriolet (Mrs xPOW)
105. BobE
(Bob Else)
Noble M12 GTO 3R
106. Keep it stiff
(Mike Lamplough)
107. TheStoat
1968 Mini Cooper Be rude not to...
108. the chav
(maff nourse)
skyline gtt
109. Black9 Aston Martin V8 Vantage
110. twiglove GMC Sierra 2500 HD
111. S. Gonzales Esq.
Volvo S60 T5 ...or possibly a MK2 Granada.
112. IroningMan
(Nick Forster)
Reliant Scimitar GTE Purple hillclimber
113. SRT Hellcat
(Graeme )
3.2 Carrera Super Sport Road legal race car, I hope to be able to attend, promise
114. snowmuncher
Octavia 4x4 Turbo
115. Mr MoJo
TVR Griffith 500 SE Number 47 of the last 100 Griffs. The only Reflex Purple Griff to leave Bristol Avenue.
116. B3ndy
(Ben Gunn)
Corsa Rally Car 140bhp 1400 Corsa Tarmac Rally car.
117. S B C
(Chris E)
Noble M12 GTO3
118. MadRob6
(Rob King)
VW Passat Will be bringing the diesel drinking dullbox.
119. CarbonWedge
(Paul Hart)
TVR 350i
120. Zeds
Dodge Viper RT/10
121. Silver XsN
(Ian Wray)
122. harrisrallying
(dave harris)
ford escort mk 2 rally car
123. GLLHG Morgan 4/4
124. Bluebottle
(Hamish Price)
TVR Griffith 500
125. choptop 350z
126. Fidgits Ferrari 360 Modena
127. OJV10 TVR Cerbera 4.5
128. bristolbaron
VW Corrado R32 May now be Corrado G60 if I can't sort wiring in time :(
129. jbmxx
(John Megarry)
Porsche GT2
130. mendamantis
(Steve Sage)
Marcos Mantis
131. andi_p
(Andi Parker)
132. C1ND3RS Bug
133. coanda Porsche 996 C2
134. k22wes
(wesley smith)
205 gti6
135. Firefoot
200SX S14a
136. GD47
Ferrari 360 Modena
137. trig9k
(stephen king)
Lotus Elan SE
138. NutNut
(Samantha Gilbert)
Focus RS Or Z4 Alpina Roadster
139. Lakelord
140. dapinky
(dave pink)
Lotus Elan M100 SE (or i might bring the Dollomite Sprint)
141. A GTS
( )
Viper Mamba X or Honda RA107
142. ISO51200
(Deltholomew )
E92 M3
143. ewenm
(Ewen M)
67 Mustang Coupe or Caterham 7
144. Crombers
(Stuart Crombie)
E65 Alpina B7
145. Mike Blake
(Mike Blake)
TVR Tuscan or maybe Griff 500 or Tasmin
146. dazerc
BMW Z4 3.0si Coupe
147. texas2201
(martin houston)
Lotus Elan SE Martin and Jane
148. Guillotine
TVR Tuscan Challenge Car Road Legal, currently entering TVR Challenge + EU Sports & GT.
149. Michael Perry
(Michael Perry)
1973 Holden monaro First one of only two in the country
150. D14 AYS
(Dean Hays)
Tvr Sagaris
151. ProjectK1
(Oliver Ashley)
K1 Attack Roadster Thanks for the invite, The car will have just arrived back to me from the Festival of Speed so in the name of Charity.... I will be there!!!
152. MudSkipper
153. xraybloke
(Paul Barker)
Aston Martin V8 Vantage Coupe
154. Phill440
(Phill Prior)
General Lee - 1969 Dodge Charger
155. D00g13
Tvr Chimaera 4.0
156. dav3
Tuscan s
157. aliasGTR
R35 GTR Will try and recruit others to join ;)
158. davesmailes
(David Michael Smailes)
1989 Porsche Carrera Targa SSE
159. VetteHead 2
(John Davies)
Corvette C3 Coupe Regional Rep for the CCCUK.
160. V8Art
(Arthur Haskins)
2005 Mustang GT
161. Swamp Rat
(Harry Crowther)
Sunbeam Tiger,(if wet) BRISTOL.
162. Moggyman
(Geoff D)
Morgan Aero SuperSports
163. clive f
(Clive Ford)
tvr sagaris
164. charlesTT
Audi TT
165. malk c
(Malcolm Collier)
Ac Cobra
166. khushy
999s Ducati & Porsche Spyder
167. likko
(steve liquorish)
Ford GT
168. AREA
Ferrari 308 Unfortunately risk of rain has stopped play. Local forecast is risk of heavy showers and unfortunately the garage queen doesn't get its tyres wet. Hope someone can take the place. Will make a donation.
170. oltend
(peter s)
Cayman S
171. Method123 GT2
172. boyoM3
(Warren Walker)
e30 M3
173. Kaiser Bill 300C SRT8
174. Gregory CooperS
(James Gregory)
Mini Cooper S R53
175. Dommett
(Tom Dommett)
Jaguar XKR
176. ChrisFitz
(Chris Fitzpatrick)
Lambo Gallardo
177. Toro Rosso Mazda MX5
178. ruption
(Robert Hill)
Porsche Cayman S
179. grahamn
TVR Cerbera
180. jfjfjf2
(Julian Fussell)
Griffith 500
182. Tim kerridge
(Tim Kerridge)
lagonda rapier Supercharged 1934 1500cc supercharged Water Injected Lagonda rapier Special.
183. doogyrev
(James Warren)
184. sillyPLASTICcar
185. giltranator Porsche Boxster S & Bentley Cont My Dad will be tagging along in his new car
186. my37
(Phil Mitchell)
1937 Ford Buisness coupe ..
187. mgtf135
(Kelvin Roberts)
MG TF135
188. carspath
189. asbojohn
(John Richards)
Morgan Aero 8
190. helijon
(Jon Mock)
Chevrolet Corvette 1995 Polo Green C4 Coupe LT1 350 cu in
191. purple pain
(nicholas leonard)
1923 T bucket jag v12 purple t bucket hotrod
192. martin james
(martin james)
193. Caelum Blue Lamborghini Gallardo
194. HappyAde
(Ade Jarratt)
Noble M12 GTO3
195. countvonc R35 GTR
196. Pete Bishop
(Peter Bishop)
Morgan 4/4 Lowline
197. kgilliham
(karl gilliham)
Ariel Atom 300
198. AppleMan
(Tim Wellman)
Mitsubishi Evo X - FQ360 Great charity, glad to be attending
199. joncon
(john constable)
morgan plus 4
200. Kevin Kivlochan
(Kevin Kivlochan)
1964 AC Cobra
201. Kezzie
(Adrian Kesby)
Ariel Atom 3 245
202. l33 haw
(lee hawley)
Ariel Atom 2 300
203. neaput
VXR8 Ecoflex
204. damianbphoto
(Damian Blades)
Octavia vRS mk1 The bloke with the camera ;)
205. maxxander
(Anthony Edmonds)
TVR Chiimaera 450
206. turbo555
(Martyn Pearce)
Toyota Corolla T-sport Ill be coming, got told about this the other night,seeing as Ilive in Brizzle then its only right that me and my car toyomota are there to support
208. BeastMaster
(Andy Hayes)
TVR Chimaera 500
209. Rsfdave
(Dave Cowan)
Mk1 Focus RS
210. westiebusa
Westfield Hayabusa
211. rich03
VX220 Lighting Yellow 016 How excited would you be if you were 10?
212. adsvx220
Vauxhall vx220
213. dave hensley
(dave hensley)
Ford GT40
214. MGR
(Mike Greenwood)
Lotus Carlton
215. Hairy Santa
(Pete Smith)
Spectre R42 or Dax Rush Busa tur
216. Cerby666
(Warwick J Gray)
TVR Cerbera
217. Dlockie
(Diane Lockie)
Hyundai Coupe 2ltr SE
218. spoodler
(John Watson)
Vincent Hurricane Spitty powered soapdish...
219. bananarob
(Rob S)
Aston Martin DBS
220. one-point-nine
(Rob King)
Peugeot 205 GTI 1FM
221. interalia Not Sure Yet
222. Paul Redmond
(Paul Redmond)
Pilgrim Sumo Always happy to give something back.
223. petevltd
(peter allen)
Impreza v limited
224. plasticbox
(Steven Hills)
Pilgrim Sumo V8
225. XFlow89
(Darren Minty)
Westfield SE
226. LordGrover
(Ian / Grover)
Datsun Zed
227. groucho
E60 M5 Better get a tanker to follow me.
228. IAmAHorse
Clio 200
229. Mr Pid
(Stu Cooper)
Ultima GTR
230. junefreeth
(June Tayler)
231. samuri
(glyn jones)
Pantera or Ascari
232. K321
saab aero
233. W00DY 309 or Beetle
234. C8 CDS
(chris street)
TVR Cerbera
235. B3NEJ
236. spitfiregt6
(nigel gibbons)
triumph gt6 spitfire
237. skibbatechno
(Ian Jones)
993 C2S Thanks for pointing this out Martin looks a quality day out!
238. nottusleinad
(Daniel Sutton)
RenaultSport Clio 182
239. LuS1fer
(Electric Slim & The Factory Hen)
2005 Supercharged Mustang GT Hope to attend subject to things beyond my control.
240. ChrisFR
Seat Ibiza FR 1.4 TSI New here and looking forward to helping raise even just a little money towards the South West Children's Hospice once more :)
241. ST500 2007 Ford Focus ST500 Looks like this will be an awesome show! I can't wait to help raise some money for Children's Hospice South West! :)
242. filthyfil
(Phil Davies)
Toyota MR2 3.5V6 Tarmac rally car
243. epoch911
1951 Jaguar C-Type
244. jonny o
(john goldsworthy)
1953 ford prefect v8 hotrod
245. effkay
(Chris Mac)
Alfa Romeo 145 Cloverleaf Track Car
246. marcosV8
(Rod H)
247. Maff
(Matt M)
Ferrari 599 GTO, Mercedes CLK DT
248. Griffrich
TVR Griffith 500 Can't believe the amount of glorious metal meeting just a few miles from our Gaff!
249. stevec2004
Mustang of some description!!
250. n1tvr
(Nigel Matthews)
TVR Tuscan
251. masermartin
(Martin Greenaway)
Maserati Ghibli GT Hopefully (everything's crossed!)
252. vetviper
(Richard Wheater)
Viper GTS S Wales convoy?
253. raven68
(Colin Fox)
1967 Mustang Fastback
254. V12fozzie
(Mark Foster)
Lambo Diablo 6.0
255. bmjb99 Porsche 928
256. NIJ4300
257. Plasticman777
57 ford fairlane custom/hairy bu Will be bringing 57 ford fairlane custom along with a custom chopper built by hairy bush bike builders Graham Lott has been sent pictures of the bike if Graham can contact me thatcwould be great mas e-mail
258. sotonboy1977
(gary travers)
porsche 997 (fingers crossed)
259. darv8clubby
(darren morris)
holden hsv clubsport
260. steri1308
(Chris Mallet)
Ferrari F355 Berlinetta
261. Brianzx
Ferrari 575m F1
262. Z06
(Dale Howard)
263. Cobraman428
1970 Ford Mustang Mach1 428CJ
264. Che MPS
(Che Murray)
Mazda 3 MPS
265. glug
(Paul West)
Alfa Romeo 916 GTV
266. gramatta
(Graeme Board)
Fiesta ST
267. Jim on the hill
Integra DC2
268. Gozza
(Iain G)
Lancia Stratos Newly built Lancia Stratos Hawk Replica. First major outing
269. brusselsfan
(steve andrews)
Rover 827 Sterling Coupe This luxo-barge model widely tipped as the next future classic! Rescued from South Wales Valleys and known as Rhonda (Rover/Honda)First outing since major surgery to her bottom!
270. Wolands Advocate BMW Z1
271. stupott901
Cobra viper v 8
272. audi200tq Audi Quattro 20v
273. Denzle2
(Dennis L.Deeley.)
274. rallydelta
Lancia Integrale Rally Car Suffering damage following a little incident with a hale bale.
275. rlbayern
(Richard Liechenheimer)
Lancia Integrale Martini 6
276. K17LER
(Fiona Easterby)
Pedro ....shhhh don't tell him he's a Beetle, he things he's a Lamborghini. ;)
277. DerBeBeastiesEre
(Mark Johnson)
Noble M12
278. Daggerpie Audi Coupe quattro
279. markemason
(Mark Mason)
Ferrari California The Ferrari California is the first Ferrari Gran Turismo with a mid-front 8-cylinder engine. It is a convertible GT with retractable hard-top, making it a car with a dual soul: coupé and spider rolled into one.
280. TYP60N TVR TYPHON In final stages of the restoration, so if the car is complete will bring it along to join the other 2.
281. baza73
(Barry Stone)
BMW 330Ci
282. v8kid1
(steve hiscox)
ford mustang fastback 1968
283. zippycar
(Alan Griffiths)
Abarth 500 esseesse
284. Screaming Beagle Fiat 500 (classic) or Subaru Forester XT
285. oblio
(graham )
Aston Martin DB9 Volante
286. bmwdrivernigel
(Nigel )
Dirty Pajero off roader It'll be clean if it rains :)
287. Duncan Painter
(Duncan Painter)
Fiesta ST
290. walesalfie
(Andy Howells)
Mums Mobile with tin of Custard
291. turbotrekker
(martyn cook)
vw Kübelsitzwagen
292. MIA 911
(Paul Durbin)
Porsche 996 turbo S
293. VXR_ADS
(Adam Durbin)
Seat Leon Cupra R
294. Redscouse
(Paul France)
Audi TT-RS
295. 350zroadster
(Andy Fletcher)
350z GT roadster
296. crowlcat
(pete crowl)
DBS UB10 Limited Edition
297. Blacknight
(Iain Brimecome)
Lotus Elan SE Turbo
298. James_N Honda S2000
299. jeremyc
Audi RS2
300. Flaminia1967
(John Liminton)
Lancia Flaminia 3B
302. pjac67
(Paul Jackson)
TVR 350i (4.6 V8D ;-) )
303. meamp
Peugeot 206
304. figisb Hooper Bentley Turbo R A two door conversion of a 1989 Bentley Turbo R by Hooper Coachbuilders.
305. GA22A
(Gary Smith)
Vauxhall monaro VXR
306. medkrof
(Ian Marsh)
Alfa 33 1.7 QV
307. Stuart D
(Stuart Donnelly)
Alfa Romeo 916 Spider
308. fistenburger
(rik robarts)
Caterham 7 Superbright R Freshly rebuilt Caterham 7 in Verde Ithaca Pearl (Lamborghini Green)
309. Pondered Scrotum
(Holden Caulfield)
310. nequeo
(Geoff Weeks)
Caterham 7 Supersport
311. RA5CAL f22 raptor
312. lazy surf
Porsche 996 Turbo
313. PhilD
(Phil Davies)
Porsche 996 C4S
314. Jonny TVR
(Jon )
315. drchris
(Chris Gillett)
BMW 330d Boring car but fantastic cause...or might bring the mx5 if its sorted out by then.
316. Daston
(Dave Aston)
TVR Tuscan Speed 6 Sounds a fab day for a fab cause
317. ioajam
(Ioan James)
Clio Trophy
318. Light n Hairy
Tuscan S
319. elainegw
(elaine gaylard-white)
C5 corvette
320. BobbyK
(Guy Kendall)
BMW M5 Touring
321. AHUX
(Aled Huxtable)
E46 M3
322. Lax Power Jaguar C-Type Heritage
323. mudnomad
Corvette Stingray
324. 106 gti
106 gti
325. MrChips
Tuscan 2S
326. Summit_Detailing
(Chris )
A3 or possibly something Italian
327. iac60 TVR Tamora (4.0L Red Rose)
328. Croutons Remains of Renault Scenic Responding to the request May 6 about "boring cars". Assuming it still works by then that is :0)
329. D11OBB
(David Hobbs)
BMW E46 M3
330. unionjack
(W Humphries)
944 turbo s
331. Gibo993
Ford GT40 (KVA)
(liam miller)
Concours Escort RS1600I
333. mylo911
Audi S3
334. Ra Ra
(Paul Hearnden)
Aston Martin V8
335. griffgray
(Graham Winterbourne)
TVR Griffith 500
336. petrolpat
(Patrick Miles)
337. jeffm3
(jeff someone or other)
BMW M3 E46
338. davejfk
(Dave K)
1968 Cadillac Eldorado V8 7.7L
339. Tony5991
(Tony Challice)
Smart Roadster
340. tony218 lotus elise s1
342. wanacoop
(Tony Stevens)
343. CaptainKramer
(Will Lucas)
Seat Ibiza Cupra
344. Adetayler
(Adrian Tayler)
BMW E60 530i
345. podrick
TVR Cerbera
346. AMGSteve
(Steve Miller)
E46 M3 CSL
347. SR23T
(Steve Rain)
1923 T bucket. 350bhp Wild Orange T bucket Ford 302 powered
348. buzzter
(Dave Lindsay)
Spire GTR Will be there dependent on weather.
349. Obiwonkeyblokey
(Owen )
TVR Cerbera 4.2
350. davmce
(Dave McEvoy)
Raw Striker
351. Kai Tak
(Kevin Sumner)
R8 V10 Spyder Thanks for the heads up John!
352. sparehead3
Lancia Delta integrale Evo II Standard in Red
353. russy01
Honda S2000
354. lenny500
Aston Martin DB9
355. tim1981
(Tim Musgrove)
Volvo s60 R
356. Zippee
(Tony Brown)
TVR T350t The only proviso is my cars back from service by then. Gearbox rebuild is holding things up a little.
357. shoebag
(Jan Pettifor)
Lamborghini Diablo
358. marc777
Maserati Quattroporte 2005
359. iop48
(Paul )
360. Ant.
TVR Griffit 460 Precat
361. Carsmark
(Mark Gilbert)
TVR Griffith 500 SE
362. shearsey28904
BMW 535
363. tuscman
364. 100SRV
(Yes I have one!)
Bowler 100SRV Fairly tidy 100" Bowler used for green-laning and adventures
365. sleithykeithy
(Simon Keith)
97' Aston Martin V8 Coupe Number 26 of 101 made.
366. FSS
Civic Type-R
367. anchorman
(Mike Fisher)
Ferrari F430 Spider
368. R5 MTV
(Peter Angelides)
369. spirit101
Lamborghini Countach 25th annive
370. sipow
(Simon Pow)
Audi A1 S-Line
371. 72bm
(andy williams)
ford granada mk1 1972 the only base model 3.0litre on the road!
372. Stunters
E90 M3 (Saloon) Le Mans Blue, Manual Gearbox
373. hotrodboy
(andrew herring)
challenge stradale
374. Suzybee
(Sue Duncan)
Honda S2000
376. splodge s4
Lotus Esprit
377. custardkid2 Golf R32 friend of custardkid
378. djlangley
Audi A4
379. Timtt
(Tim Broadhurst)
Audi TT 225bhp S-Line
380. acer1ism Mk4 Golf
381. ThommoHawk
(Paul Thompson)
Mk6 Golf
382. bdy5600
(Brian Youster)
Westfield SEiW
383. Shaleshifter1
(Peter Smith)
384. dishydi
(diane davies)
Alfa Romeo Spider Graduate
385. tonysteadman
Porsche 911 C4S
386. Fee12345678
BMW E90 3-series (AC SCHNITZER)
387. Kustom Jim
(James Moore)
Ford MKII Consul Original 1970s custom car, fully restored and back on the road with a whole heap of horsepower attitude.
388. Second Best VX220 Turbo Subject to battery voltage!
389. Michies
(Adam Michallat-Cox)
Cayenne S or Ariel Atom 3 Won't be arriving until 1pm. Hope this is ok.
390. Flatback vw
(Barry Nayler)
srt 8
392. MR AMG
(Gerald selway)
393. frogman666
(Robert Batley)
Austin Healey Sprite
394. louisbroadbent
(Louis Broadbent)
Ferrari Testarossa
395. SpikeBmth
(Ross H)
Focus ST500
396. Darmonte
(Andy Hoddinott)
Daimler SP250 & Lancia Fulvia Za
397. Balsam
(Harry balsam)
Fabia VRS
398. sammy2007
(sam farmer)
integra type r dc2 sammy2007
399. TVRobin
(Robin Woods)
Maserati 3200GT If the head gaskets went when the rad blew then i will bring the Chimaera!
400. robkeogh
(Robert Keogh)
e46b M3 CSL
401. andya4
S4 convertible
402. Sethlj
(Seth Love-Jones)
MK Indy Blackbird
403. nonsso_festoffun
(kai barker)
Fiesta ST
404. GrassHopperBC
(Ben Chewins)
Hyundai Coupe
405. SpanishPete 488 Dodge Blue with White Stripes (of course!!)
406. Spudler Harley Davidson V-Rod Muscle
407. sosz
408. JB250
(James Browning)
Skoda Ocatavia II VRS
409. E36GreenAl
(Albert Mulligan)
BMW E36 Touring 323i My car crazed two year old will love this!
410. GeeForce
(Jason W)
Porsche Cayman S
411. hk65
(Hans Kaahoek)
M5 schnitzer or Atom 300
412. dasfist
(Nathaniel Johnson)
Lotus Elise S2 111S
413. mobile chicane22
(mobile chicane)
Honda S2000 Tatty black one :)
414. damo8
1931 Talbot 90
415. driftindazza
(Darren Leslie Bennett)
1999 Fiat Coupe 20v Turbo
416. CedricBurnham
(Cedric Ashley)
Jaguar XK8
417. growlerV12
(phil weston)
Aston Vantage V12
418. RX8black
(S Newman)
420. kyleseo
(Kyle Maloney)
MR2 Turbo
421. andrewm1572
(Andrew Morgan)
Westfield xflow might be in my Audi if the family come
422. djdemond
(Simon K)
Gen 2 Nissan Cube 1.4 import
423. petecossie67
(Pete Price)
Ford Sport Transit 2011 I have a 1986 Sierra Cosworth, however, it is having work done.
424. Risoli
(Andrea Risoli)
Porsche Cayman S
425. S18 CYA
Escort Cosworth Will be there early afternoon, working AM
426. Vettera
(Rob Styles)
corvette c3 Im hoping to come along because I know of a few not coming because of the weather forecast......
427. kevlaruk
(Kelvin White)
Nissan 350Z May have to bring wellies, weather is not looking good!
428. BristolCorleone
(colin blakeman)
Porsche 911 Turbo What a great idea, attending Hope rain holds off!
429. baz995
(Baz Firth MBE)
Impreza Many thanks for the invite, would like to reciprocate and invite you to mine in aid of the RN & RM Children's Fund :-)
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