The Raleigh Rally - Sherborne Castle
The Raleigh Rally - Sherborne Castle
Date(s): Sunday 2nd October
Summary: Relaxed car meeting in rural Dorset
Details: An informal and relaxed event for all enthusiasts in the beautiful landscaped grounds of Sherborne Castle in north Dorset (postcode DT9 5NR). It is easily accessed from the M5 (30 minutes) and A303 (15 minutes). The event hopes to raise funds for the Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance.

There will be a small raffle of interesting petrolhead prizes with all money going to the charity, which includes a VMAX200 ticket for the private airfield event, full day Goodwood track day worth £320 and a private tour of Lotus Renault F1.

Entrance to the castle grounds is £5 PER ADULT, with children under 16 free.

See the website for more details:

1. V8S
2. k22wes
(wesley smith)
205 gti-6
3. 106 gti
106 GTi Should be good to attend as it's a stunning place to walk around.
4. nickmac209
(Nick Macbean)
Forester S/TB
5. C5RagTop
(Rich Rogers)
Corvette Z06
6. WR1 Shane
Impreza WR1
7. Carsmark
(Mark Gilbert)
TVR Griffith 500 SE
8. rm0rgan
(Rob M)
Lotus Exige S2 I will be there, however if the kids decide to come will have to take the wife's RRS TDV8 :-)
9. Rustytossa
XK120 Need to drive from London to Poole on Saturday then Poole to Sherbourne on Sunday then back to London on Sunday night! I hope the old girl makes it.
10. glug
(Paul West)
Alfa Romeo 916 GTV
11. fulviafiend
(Mark James)
Lancia Beta GRP-4
12. andy miles
(andrew miles)
1983 porsche 911sc
13. Kustom Jim
(James Moore)
Ford 1960 MKII Consul Kustom The Caring with Cars show in Bristol was fab so looking forward to this one too. 6L V8 now run in so will be fun :-)
14. joncon
(john constable)
morgan plus 4
15. Keep it stiff
(Mike Lamplough)
VXR8 Sunshine please!
16. kevlaruk
(Kelvin White)
Nissan 350z
17. AppleMan
(Tim Wellman)
18. TDIfurby
Skoda Fabia dirty diesel Looking forward to it
19. Sneak
Ferrari 512TR
20. B3ndy
(Ben Gunn)
Nogaro Audi S4
21. baronvonhorne
(Scott Horne)
Alfa 159 S/W TI
22. MPx
(Mike Pearce)
'86 Turbo Esprit Unless its wall to wall sunshine in which case the topless M100 Elan may be favourite!
23. tomsimes
(Tom Simes)
Skoda Fabia vRS
24. tuscman
25. High flier
TT 240
26. SpikeBmth
(Ross H)
Focus ST500 Hoping to be be there!
27. Kezzie
(Adrian Kesby)
Ariel Atom 3 245
28. Caelum Blue Gallardo
29. Jacobyte Shelby Daytona Cobra
30. mrmop
(barrie richards)
Mk1 Zodiac Could be the Old girls first real run out
31. dav3
32. dave hensley
(dave hensley)
Ford GT40 Tornado Replica MK1 GT40
33. Luckyluciano
(Dave )
Aston Martin V8 Vantage Fingers crossed for good weather :)
34. Jonny TVR Tuscan 2 S
35. Southwestdave
Aston Martin V8 Vantage Might be in the Subaru diesel if the Aston has been sold before the meet.
36. 2dogs
Z4MC 1st meet for this car, hope it sunny, can't wait to see the mk1 ford escort (my 1st car)
37. rich03
VX220 LY
38. andi_p
(Andi Parker)
39. Flaminia1967
(John Liminton)
Lancia Flaminia 3B
40. ric p F355 GTS
41. Scrump 911 Carrera My father is also hoping to come in either his Beauford or his Audi TT (weather dependant).
42. malcandrews
(Malcolm Andrews)
TVR Tamora
43. griffgray
(Graham Winterbourne)
TVR Griffith 500 Hope it is a fun as the Caring For Cars event in Bristol
44. Macey
Tuscan If car is back from it's service
45. dixie6789
(Mark Dix)
Dax Cobra Black with yellow stripes.
46. Dr Interceptor
Jensen Interceptor Convertible Here's hoping for a dry day!!
47. Phill440
(Phill Prior)
1969 Dodge Charger Hope to make this event after missing the prvious 2 :-s
48. groucho
E60 M5
49. alihussain
(Ali Hussain)
Ferrari 550 Maranello
50. Midlifecrisis71
(Giles Burden)
Jag XKR My name was taken off the list
51. X11STH
TVR Griffith 500 SE
52. E1EXG
(Paul crow)
escort cosworth
53. andriko30
(Andreas Costa)
Rashers (e30 m3) or the intercep
54. darv8clubby
(darren morris)
Holden hsv clubsport
55. HolyMotherOfGod
(Sue Lavis)
Tvr Chimaera450 If its wet a Rover 75
56. Noble Anonymous Aston DB9 Always enjoy these events. looking forward to it.
57. mstrutt
(mike s)
58. mr lock pick
59. buzzter
(Dave Lindsay)
Spire GT-R
60. kit_kat BMW E46 330
61. one-point-nine
(Rob King)
Peugeot 205 GTI 1FM
62. MendipWurzel
GBSC Lotus 7 type Kit Car V8
63. densv8
64. Daryl357 Peugeot 306 GTi-6 I better dig out the Autoglym!
65. Deano Ferrari
(Dean Crawley)
Ferrari 355 Looking forward to it. Here's hoping the weather is good !
66. f1ten
(Greg )
Porsche 996 Turbo Anyone else going down from London ? pm me and perhaps we can go in mini convoy?
67. Loopyleesa
(Leesa Yule)
68. dannytherev Citroen C2VTS
69. Posh Porsche
Porsche Cayman S
70. e600
XKER Worlds only 4 litre supercharged E Type series 4
71. _Batty_
72. chj
(Chris Jarratt)
TVR Wedge or RCZ
73. hutch2196 BMW 1M Coupe If the sun is shining I may bring the Sunbeam Lotus
74. FocusRSsteve
(Steve Miller)
E46 M3 CSL Weather permitting
75. 43034 Mk4 Fiesta 1.3
76. mark 993 targa
(Mark Thomas)
Porsche 993 Targa
77. gramatta
(Graeme Board)
Fiesta ST
78. Broken
Octavia vRS
79. Cake monster
GT Roush mustang Give me cake ? :D
80. Jagmanv12 Ferrari 550 Maranello
81. garycab
Audi TT Living 3 miles away ,it'll be rude not to...
82. baz995
(Baz Firth MBE)
Impreza WRX Blob Live 4 miles away, its a lovely location so looking forward to it
83. OldGuysRule
(steve )
MX5 'Black' This event seems really well worth the trip, im in !!
84. Drew M
(Drew Magna)
Aston Martin DB6
85. VXRob8
(Robert Langley)
86. john_r R35 GTR
87. hutch328
(Noel Hutchinson)
Ferrari 328 GTS
88. DannyCab
(Dan Cabell)
Clio 172 Cup
89. JDs Paul
90. SWD40
(Stuart Watson-Davies)
Ferrari 355 or Replica Ford GT40 Just need it to be dry
91. clarky246
(Allan Clark)
Ferrari Dino 246 GTS
92. Robin Barrett
(Robin Barrett)
Ferrari 512TR
93. nonsso_gerradiuk
TVR 4.5 Cerbera
94. spoodler
(John Watson)
1936 Austin 16 hot rod Very provisional as just got car on road (after ten year lay up) and shaking down teething troubles. Might come in Vincent Hurricane instead.
95. rlbayern
(Richard Liechenheimer)
Lancia Integrale Martini 6
96. TheConverted
(Andy Cleal)
VR6 Turbo provisionally yes. Depending on weather the body shop is finished. VR
97. Biggles101
(Matt Strange)
TVR Griff 500 and Chim 450 Both me and the Mrs will be there. Couldn't agree on what car to take so bringing both ;-)
98. optimax sniffer
(Iain Cole)
TVR Cerbera 4.5
99. Mrs Pitstop
(Sarah Cole (was Mogford))
TVR Cerbera I'm with him ^^^ Sadly my tamora will be on a pamper day getting waxoyled!
100. helijon
(Jon Mock)
C4 Corvette
101. bilberry101
(Amanda Strange)
TVR Chimaera I will be with Biggles101 with my Chimaera
102. chococo TVR Chimera
103. Pete Bishop
(Peter Bishop)
Morgan 4/4 Lowline
104. clarklock
(clarkson lock)
Ferrari 328
105. 01935bampy BMW Z3
106. Caseyj TVR T350T Holden 6.0Ltr L98 All being well hope to be there.
107. nottusleinad
(Daniel Sutton)
RenaultSport 182
108. Addicted
(Martin Barker)
Woodsbuggy rail
109. Six Fiend
(Pete )
X-Type 3.0
110. clive f
(Clive Ford)
TVR Sagaris cascade indigo sag.
111. shagracer
E36 M3 EVO
112. ParanoidPenguin Alfa 156 GTA Hoping to be there :-)
113. ewenm
(Ewen M)
1967 Ford Mustang Coupe
114. WilfKPN
(Kelvin Nicholls)
TVR Tuscan S
115. G.O.B.
(graham john garrett)
TVR Chimaera
116. Hoonabator
(Stuart Dawson)
GB270 Dag Wagon
117. F1rgy
(Ray Ferguson )
Ferrari 430 Scuderia
118. madfermac
(Craig McEwan)
Ferrari 328 GTB Weather sounds good had the invite so an early start from deepest sussex
119. audi200tq Audi Quattro 20v Will be there Bob
120. MarkeeR35
(Mark Andrews)
Nissan R35 GTR
121. Foundy 348
123. T14HON
(Bob T)
TVR Typhon
124. podrick
125. roalda
Ferrari 328 GTS
126. Johnnytheboy
Focus RS With fellow PHer AAGR in the passenger seat!
127. Benbay001
Ford Focus....
128. MixB
(Mick Best)
Porsche 911 / 86 Supersport.
129. rjo64
(Roydon Osborne)
Noble M12
130. Yosemite
(Rob Heard)
Ferrari 328GTS Will see if I can get a few members from Wessex FOC
131. florinmetalworks
(bob fry )
Florin Silhouette 1.8i All stainless bodied 2 seater sports tourer.
132. Mr_Dave
(Dave Pennington)
Lotus Esprit V8 GT One of the Lotus Press Cars ttp://
133. TVRobin
(Robin Woods)
Maserati 3200GT Please excuse the bashed door!
134. r34nismo
R32 GTR Will be travelling down in the morning hopefully.
135. Kartman
(Trevor Rolph)
Robin Hood 2B Zetec Will be there with a few other Apple County Kit Car Members.
136. Griffrich
TVR Griffith 500 Here's to some late summer sun and a great day out!
(mark wilson)
RS 6 Avant... WAFWOTTBI/Mark & Angie...
138. bdy5600
(Brian Youster)
Westfield 2000
139. decalfreak
(jim simone)
Lotus 211/EliseSC/ElanM100 Weather Dependant , hopefully 211.
140. martin hart
(Martin Hart)
Ferrari F 512 M
141. Marstu Marlin Sportster
142. gregbarton GTM Libra
143. Heyrick
(Frederick )
TT Supra
144. pjac67
(Paul Jackson)
Wedge 4.6 BV For Sale! Also Mr & Mrs Cosh (Griff 500)
145. Mr JP
(John Pennington)
Lotus Esprit V8 GT My Brother Mr Dave and I are going to bring the gold Esprit along, I'd better go and give it a wash! As seen on Top Gear, Gumball Rally, Top Trumps, Evo, Car, Auto Express and loads of other mags.
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