MG V8 Saloons

After a long wait, MG finally have a new range topping saloon in the shape of the MG ZT 260 V8. The Rover 75 has been thoroughly re-engineered with a Ford V8 dropped under the bonnet and drive switched to the rear wheels.


The ZT 260 utilises Ford’s well proven 4.6-litre V8 engine, widely used in North America to power the Mustang.  Power is 260PS (hence the 260) and there's an even more impressive 302 lb-ft of torque available at 4000rpm. Top speed is limited to 155mph. 0-60mph is achievable in a claimed 6.2 seconds with the standing quarter mile done in 14.9 seconds.

MG ZT 260 V8

Some mods have been required in order to get the motor under the bonnet and MG’s engineers have also developed new intake, exhaust and emissions control systems to ensure the vehicle complies with stringent European noise legislation with no loss of power or torque.  A new electronic engine calibration helps ensure the car exceeds current European emissions legislation.  The exhaust system, twinned for most of the length of the car, is distinguished by new quad-tailpipes producing a familiar V8 burble.

The gearbox is Tremec’s TR3650 five-speed manual, manufactured in North America.  It's been extensively modified to meet MG’s needs and features a unique set of ratios.  MG’s engineers have also developed an all-new gear selection system and bespoke hydraulic clutch actuation.


Under the familiar body, all manner of changes have been required to suit the new car. At the front new design of upright is matched to Eibach linear rate springs and a new, larger diameter anti-roll bar.  There's a significantly revised subframe, which provides a stable operating platform for the chassis whilst also featuring as part of the impact absorption system in the event of a crash.

MG ZT 260 V8

MG ZT 260 V8

At the rear a new multi-link rear suspension has been developed specifically. A new six-mount subframe houses the Hyrdratrak differential, while each wheel is located by three lateral links (two steel and one light-alloy) and a light alloy trailing arm.  Compound rate springs, also sourced from Eibach, work in conjunction with Bilstein monotube dampers.  Roll behaviour is controlled by a new anti-roll bar.


Both saloon and Estate versions will be available and prices start at £27,995 OTR. A higher spec SE model is also available at £32,750.

More exciting than today's news though is the prospect of the supercharged version still under development which promises 385bhp.


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  • jamesc 23 Sep 2003


  • Cacatous 23 Sep 2003

    I do like these... Looks like MG will become the UK Holden?

  • GregE240 23 Sep 2003

    Quite how they got the car sideways in the final snap beggars Silverstone last Friday both vehicles understeered like crazy.

    Still, nice package overall. Rather a poor (old?!) man's M5.

  • daver 23 Sep 2003

    I wonder why they chose the single OHC 16v version of Ford's V8 and not the 32v? Surely it would have been worth the effort of a different shaped bonnet if space is the issue?!

  • FourWheelDrift 23 Sep 2003

    daver said:
    I wonder why they chose the single OHC 16v version of Ford's V8 and not the 32v?

    Cheaper I guess or maybe Ford didn't want to sell the better engine to a rival manufacturer to their executive model range (Jaguar).

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