007's New Motors

After letting 007 nonce about in a BMW for too long, the makers of the Bond films have been enticed back to Aston Martin thanks to some overwhelming enthusiasm from the owners of AM, Ford. Not about to miss one of the best product placement opportunities possible, Ford have piled enormous resources into the film and are about to reveal a hefty marketing strategy to capitalise on their investment.

The new film - Die Another Day - features 007 driving an Aston Martin Vanquish V12 with Halle Berry as Jinx in a coral-colored Limited Edition 007 Ford Thunderbird. The villian, played by Rick Yune will drive a Jaguar XKR.

Ford have managed to squeeze even more of their range into the film with other Ford owned companies having their products featured. These include Range Rover, Volvo S60 and S80, Ford StreetKa, and two classic cars, including the Ford Fairlane and the Ford GT40.

Revlon is also jumping on the marketing bandwagon and has chosen a 2003 Thunderbird as one of two grand prizes in a promotion called "Win the Life of a Bond Girl Sweepstakes". Presumably the winner will get shot at and shagged a lot?

Much of the filming for the film has taken place at Pinewood Studios. A full ice palace was built and much of the stunt work was done here.


Link: www.fordvehicles.com/bond, www.bondpix.co.uk

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  • danger mouse 24 Oct 2002

    How cool is that!

    Having seen the full clip for the new Bond movie (while at the xXx screening) was it me or is the new bond villan none other than Jonny Tran from the "The Fast and The Furious"?

    If it was, may Robert Cohen wssn't so far off the mark, when he claimed he'd chosen a cast that were about "to break" into the major film arena.

    Whatever, the new bond film promises to be a visual feast, and it has proper brit metal in it again! What more could you want?

    FTR I reckon Brosnan is the best Bond of the lot. He's cool, edgey, funny and the right look for the character. So there!


  • philipmog 24 Oct 2002

    Doh! now you've done it, you'll have set off the Bond anorack's. with age old debate as to who was the best.

    and it was Connery !!!

  • danger mouse 24 Oct 2002



  • ben lizard 24 Oct 2002

    yep Connery was no 1,

    Dougray Scott for the next Bond , get back to a jock playing Bond plus i think he would add a certain well darkness to the role which i feel the recent bonds have missed

  • JonRB 24 Oct 2002

    At a risk of fuelling the debate, I think Tim Dalton managed to most accurately convey the Bond that Fleming originally envisiged - a tortured soul, ill at ease with his role sometimes, a loose cannon, and a bit dark, mean & nasty with it.
    Most of the other Bonds have concentrated on the smooth, suave, sophisticated gentleman spy, whilst Dalton's Bond had far more of Her Majesty's Hatchet Man / Paid Assasin about him.

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