Car Buying
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Help on a 535d!!![12]go to new posts

Az78 21 Thursday 17th November 2016 Alan_I_W

New Dacia or something else?[12]go to new posts

footnote 36 Thursday 17th November 2016 Slushbox

Modern Petrol Estate/SUV

CaptainSlow 3 Thursday 17th November 2016 Deerfoot

Help needed buying something quick

tektas 19 Thursday 17th November 2016 tektas

Everyday car (auto, cruise, reliable) for ยฃ5k. What to buy?

sebhaque 7 Thursday 17th November 2016 ZX10R NIN

Buying an RS Megane 250

Bordtea 2 Thursday 17th November 2016 GrumpyTwig

Mental car for ยฃ5K?

TazLondon 20 Wednesday 16th November 2016 Alan_I_W

Buying a Mini - Some Assistance Please

FidoGoRetroGo 14 Tuesday 15th November 2016 FidoGoRetroGo

First car project car

Kyle v8 7 Tuesday 15th November 2016 Kyle v8

Golf MKV GT 1.4 (TSI)

nellyleelephant 12 Tuesday 15th November 2016 Alan_I_W

30 to 35K to spend[12]go to new posts

a1rak 26 Tuesday 15th November 2016 Jarcy

Focus ST170 a good buy or not

FordMadAndy 3 Tuesday 15th November 2016 AdamIndy

Real world "end of lease" experiences

truck71 8 Tuesday 15th November 2016 zedstar

Best sports cars for under 20k (usd)

proto55 11 Tuesday 15th November 2016 Alan_I_W

Family Friendly weekend car...?

macky17 10 Monday 14th November 2016 Alan_I_W

BMW or Merc

mickmcpaddy 16 Monday 14th November 2016 Trabi601

Money invested in build.

monty2 2 Friday 11th November 2016 ZX10R NIN

Lexus NX Price - BCA Auction

Casa1862 3 Friday 11th November 2016 Casa1862

Up to ยฃ10k. 4/5 door. Fun drivers car. Petrol. RWD?

yus786 19 Thursday 10th November 2016 ZX10R NIN

Help buying nice car.

oliverchapman 8 Thursday 10th November 2016 kiethton