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Code I

T88CAN 12 Wednesday 24th September 2014 nawarne

spare key battery replacement - who does these?

deadline21 6 Thursday 4th August 2011 deadline21

Window not closing

Green Fly 20 Monday 10th May 2010 Basil Brush

Great service - Keep this number!! Pod repairs

DaveH1 1 Saturday 10th April 2010 DaveH1

Traction Control[12]go to new posts

Arnd 26 Tuesday 23rd February 2010 x 7usc

Fault Codes?

diggerjohno 6 Sunday 18th May 2008 Big Al.

How do I remove the gear knob?

da_murphster 16 Friday 9th May 2008 SRZed

The definitive "What Shocks" thread

Fume Troll 18 Friday 9th November 2007 Fume Troll

D.I.Y. Oilchange

21TVR 6 Tuesday 5th June 2007 XTR2Turbo

Roof/roll-bar anti-sqeak tape etc

andyoleary 9 Tuesday 1st May 2007 the-gofer

How do I stop the seatbelts locking?

quadcat1 9 Monday 18th October 2004 beano500

How to sleeve your cans

T88CAN 6 Wednesday 26th May 2004 T88CAN

Idle speed

damo m 8 Saturday 1st May 2004 theblacktuscks

Tuscan Oil Filter part number

21tvr 4 Saturday 26th July 2003 21tvr

Flooded Engine?

tuscanpaul 5 Saturday 12th July 2003 TUS 373

Bonnet Removal & Idle Speed

damo m 17 Saturday 7th June 2003 jigs

Tuscan won't start !

TUS 373 11 Wednesday 21st May 2003 21tvr

AIR CON - yes or no ?

c4snhtvr 16 Thursday 3rd April 2003

How do I stop the rear screen squeeking?

fish 12 Monday 24th February 2003 TVR5

Alloy refurbs

salty-nlv 3 Wednesday 19th February 2003

Noise level question in db's

mickrw 3 Monday 17th February 2003

position of fuse box

cerberus 1 2 Sunday 9th February 2003

Aircon in Tuscan's?

paul-b 5 Tuesday 7th January 2003

What Oil Temp before drive off ?

tuscan_s 6 Thursday 2nd January 2003

Snapped throttle cables

neilmurphy 16 Wednesday 14th August 2002

Diagnostic Codes (Details)

bryanlister 7 Thursday 1st August 2002

How to fit rear speakers[12]go to new posts

paul-wh 24 Saturday 22nd June 2002

How do I stop the rear window squeaking?!

philordever 12 Friday 15th February 2002

What fuel is best?

shamus1972 6 Monday 28th January 2002

My car wanders at high speed - is it normal?[12]go to new posts

RRTuscan 32 Wednesday 23rd January 2002

Tuscan EFI warning display

markgj 3 Thursday 18th October 2001

Can I fit a 'sports' exhaust?

tuscanboy 15 Thursday 18th October 2001

Should I use normal or super unleaded?

quadcat1 4 Sunday 30th September 2001

Are the 18 inch wheels susceptible to buckling?

RRTuscan 6 Sunday 2nd September 2001

My radio reception is terrible - is it just my car?

bobchopper 5 Wednesday 1st August 2001

Can I export a Tuscan to the USA?

hughesie 17 Friday 16th March 2001