Reducing buffeting on C6 coupes

Reducing buffeting on C6 coupes



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Thursday 14th May
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Has anyone experience of how to effectively reduce the buffeting on C6 Coupes with the targa top removed at up to say 85mph?


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Friday 15th May
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There were a number of product on the C5 which I never used which would allow the rear hatch to remain a couple of inches open to fix that issue. Think one was called ventmaster. Perhaps there is something similar for the c6.

Personally, With the targa off I just kept the driver and passenger windows down an inch or so and it all stopped.


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Friday 15th May
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I had Ventmaster for my C5 and it worked well. Here ya go, $55 for a C6,

One thing to watch out for is that on bumpy roads the rear hatch rattles about like a bag of spanners. I sorted that out by placing two 6" pieces of a kid's swimming "noodle" at the back of the hatch opening and then closing the hatch down onto them. Worked perfectly.


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Friday 22nd May
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There's a user on named Thomas who made a version that works perfectly, he was selling these a few years ago for €130. Well worth the money in our opinion, after taking the roofpannel off it's the first item to install.

From experience I can attest that it works up to 280 Km/h and probably above :-)