CSK Race Exhausts - A review

CSK Race Exhausts - A review



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Monday 25th June 2018
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Hi all,

Recently I bought a Northampton Motorsport/SBD 305bhp Duratec motor which came from a car that was shunted whilst sprinting. It came with most of the bits needed to finish it, including a very damaged Simpson exhaust.

One the engine was in, it was easy to tell that the manifold was a bit of a banana:

As well as the silencer being scrap:

So I had to look at my options.

I didn't like the design of any off the shelf exhausts, so that only left me with the custom route. I looked at Simpson, Powerspeed etc but all either were too far away, could not fit me in, or were laughably expensive.

A friend recommended CSK Race Exhausts in Pocklington East Yorkshire. http://www.cskraceexhausts.co.uk/
I messaged on Facebook, got a prompt response and booked the car in. The manifold was built to SBD's specs with some CSK tweeks. CSK also re welded the Wunoff silencer as the welding on that was below par.

I left the car with CSK along with the brief to keep to SBD's specs, even though I was really limited on space on the car, and keep it so I can get full lock as full compression.

I'll let the photo's do the talking:

Overall I'm blown away with the quality and Charlie and Louis were genuinely nice guys too. Charlie also did some welding on my engine mounts while it was there.

I can't recommend these guys enough, so please check out their website and consider them for work in the future.


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Monday 25th June 2018
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Very impressive that looks the bloody fantastic, I hope it's not to noisey though!


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Tuesday 26th June 2018
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looks lovely, but won't get through IVA I reckon biggrin


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Wednesday 27th June 2018
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A great piece of welding art. Do you have a picture with the bonnet on?