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Monday 1st January
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Well we're into 2018 now so lets look back on 2017 and see what we achieved...

2017 an odd year, doing quite well with workshops etc commercially but lost a personal thread somewhere. Not felt too compelled to get out and shoot, lacking inspiration, but really enjoyed the times I managed to. Choosing a top 5 shouldnt be hard from such a limited list!

(previous "Your Top 5 From..." threads: 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010)

Canon sent me a 6d mk2 to play with, I stuffed up released raws and kicked up a fuss on the webs on how stty the sensor is. Somewhere in the middle of that I made some images that were quite pleasing. Its a good camera to use, I'm just at a loss as to why they didnt use the new process for the sensor. I swapped my 6d for a 5d mk4 later in the year :/

6d Mk2 seascape by Rob Dickinson, on Flickr

I got the 5dmk4 from canon nz when I went up to Auckland and run a few astro workshop events. Heaps of fun and stayed over at Piha. Gorgeous spot and I hope I can get back to shoot more. This one was from saturday morning. I'd stayed out until about 2am getting blasted by onshore winds and sand shooting the MW with canon, at 6am I felt hugely hung over, dried out, puffed up. I climbed out of bed, drove 2min to the beach, setup, got this (one bracket) shot (not even in great focus) , then got dumped on by heavy rain, went back to bed.... 5dmk4/16-35f4L

Lion Rock by Rob Dickinson, on Flickr

In October we ran our annual Mt cook 4 day landscape workshop, this one totally shot from weather we didnt get into hooker, luckily knowing the area well I had a bunch of other locations, meant more travelling but the group was cool and didnt need quite as much hand holding as some so more time on the road worked out.

We headed out to Lake ohau/Ben Ohau as its a spot Id really wanted to shoot in good conditions. We had some crazy lenticular clouds, string wind and tough shooting conditions but I used it as a good demo of how to work into a shot and get all the elements together.

Ohau I hunt by Rob Dickinson, on Flickr

On the way back from Ben Ohau the skies in the valley were clear so we stopped to have an impromptu astro workshop - usually not something we do given the schedule.. It was incredibly windy so the group took shelter off the side of the little road we'd drive down. Once they were up and running I jumped onto the road itself to grab a quick pano. We had some traffic (closed road, to a closed airfield!) and with the wind etc I had some frames messed up from blur/movement but didnt have a chance to reshoot, still overall I like the image shame it wont really print. 5dmk4/35L mk2

Stars over Sealy by Rob Dickinson, on Flickr

In April we got word of a large CME and likely big aurora, I (virtually) scouted some spots and aligned the MW up and decided to head out to Akaroa lighthouse. I'd never been here before and turned up in the dark. The lighthouse itself is somewhat unimpressive modern (the old one is in akaroa township and is quite attractive). It had a 4 way beam spinning continuously. I shot some panos which worked but couldnt capture the beams the way I wanted, so I constructed this, from 3 frames, one for the stars (500 rule) one shorter for the aurora to freeze the beams, and one ~100 second exposure for the lighthouse where I covered the lens for most of the exposure, uncovering when the beams swung past a certain point , for about 20 seconds overall exposure. Combine the 3 shots later. 6d/irix 15mm.

Akaroa Aurora by Rob Dickinson, on Flickr


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Monday 1st January
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Stunning images Rob.

These are my top my fav I think (for various reasons).

1. Datsun 240z

Datsun 240z

2. Ariel Nomad

Ariel Nomad supercar superbuggy

3. Dodge Viper interior shot

ACR Viper interior

4. Lambo

Lamborghini Huracan Avio

5. Chiron

Bugatti Chiron & Nimrod plane


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Monday 1st January
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Same old low standard as usual then!

Amazing work chaps, as ever.

Hate to let the side down:

Sage and moon.jpg by G.A.D, on Flickr

_GAD4889.jpg by G.A.D, on Flickr

GAD_9163-Edit.jpg by G.A.D, on Flickr

DSCF9669-Edit.jpg by G.A.D, on Flickr

GRA_3574.jpg by G.A.D, on Flickr


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Monday 1st January
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^^^ Wow - awesome work Gents clap

Hmm - I don't appear to have achieved a great deal in 2017... photographically or otherwise! Turning 50 in 2018 (yikes - I got old, how did that happen?!) so will try and do better smile

Anyway - here's what I got:

1. This was my 'best' pic of the year according to Flickr. A bridge... who'd have thunk it

Queensferry Crossing (Explored) by Mike Smith, on Flickr

2. Got this on a short break to Melrose - nothing special really but liked the colours

The Eildon Hills by Mike Smith, on Flickr

3. One of my favorite places - Torridon. Bit of a cliche but who cares smile

Loch Shieldaig by Mike Smith, on Flickr

4. This one from just down the road

Cramond by Mike Smith, on Flickr

5. And a Robin to finish

Sing when you're winning! by Mike Smith, on Flickr


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Monday 1st January
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Great work chaps, I always love and hate this thread in equal measure.

Happy New Year to you all.

Here are mine-

Jaguar by Nigel, on Flickr

Wren 2 by Nigel, on Flickr

honey bee on Echinops by Nigel, on Flickr

Acer Leaves by Nigel, on Flickr

newhaven 17-2 by Nigel, on Flickr



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Monday 1st January
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Some amazing work here, hats off to you all.

Debating whether 2018 is the year to sell the 7D or to actually use it, I don't think it has taken a single shot in 2017.

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Monday 1st January
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some amazing and stunning photos so far - now its my turn to lower the bar laugh

2017 was a mixed year for me - playing around a lot with a new (secondhand) Fuji X-E1 and lots of old M42 lenses, as well as regular outings for the trusty Pentax K3. Here are my top 5 from 2017..

Headed off to Brands Hatch in March to have a go for the first time taking shots at a motorcycle meeting....

Kawasaki B&W by jon bawden, on Flickr

Also in March a good friend took me along to the 75th MM at Goodwood...what an amazing event..

night time in the paddock by jon bawden, on Flickr

Did a portrait photography course to learn some new skills...

Olivia by jon bawden, on Flickr

enjoyed watching and helping my Daughter as she starts her interest in photography (now studying in 6th form)

Golden hour. by jon bawden, on Flickr

Started to get to grips with the Fuji X-E1 and some old manual focus/aperture lenses...

Sky reflections.. by jon bawden, on Flickr

here's looking forward to 2018 and seeing all the contributions to the threads on PH...

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Monday 1st January
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Some absolutely sublime work guys, congratulations.


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Monday 1st January
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chrismarr said:
Some absolutely sublime work guys, congratulations.
Get some pics posted up Chris - surely you get dredge up 5 presentable efforts!? wink


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Monday 1st January
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DibblyDobbler said:
Anyway - here's what I got:

And very good they are too. You've definitely got an eye for this stuff. I must say I prefer them to your recent St Andrews series. Not sure I could say why, though.


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Monday 1st January
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Top Banana said:
I like that.


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Monday 1st January
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Nice work all. Thankfully Rob labelled this "your" top 5 and not top best pictures ever, so giving us less talented a chance to put some stuff up. If the thread gets lot of Bonus Print photos of people on camels then he's to blame though tongue out

Photo's should always tell a story.My year in photo's

January, my wife breaks leg whilst skating

Me, my drink and I

Dog walk, taken by enthusiastic 15 year old daughter, a budding Rob?

My first ever selfie, x-ray style

Dark satanic eggs. My bad cooking the disdain on the PH food forum as my photography same on here

After 300 days at sea, and well past the urine drinking stage, I still could not work out the menu system on my small Sony camera.....................

I Love Cake

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Tuesday 2nd January
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My first year with a fairly serious camera set up. Trying to get to grips with composition etc. Really enjoying it and feeling inspired.

Cader Idris in the mist.

My friend and her son and dog caught in the moment.

Mountain road.

Tornado GR4 'fini flight'. A pass I won't ever forget!

Eastbourne after sunset.


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Tuesday 2nd January
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Never really felt confident enough to post in the 'best of' thread but as was just pointed out it's your best, not the best.

Lake Bank Jetty, Coniston Water by northernladgonesouth, on Flickr

Symmetry by northernladgonesouth, on Flickr

Portland Bill by northernladgonesouth, on Flickr

Shoeburyness-1614 by northernladgonesouth, on Flickr

Mersea Island-7 by northernladgonesouth, on Flickr


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Tuesday 2nd January
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Hmmm - difficult to condense a year into only five photos, but here's mine

Kamui Kobayashi in the #7 Toyota setting the fastest ever lap of LeMans in Thursday practice - he was doing north of 170mph in this shot, just exiting the first of the Porsche Curves

Kobayashi #7 by Nigel Ogram, on Flickr

Rest of the album here

Humber Bridge from directly below - I've wanted to take this photo for years and managed to get an early morning drive to Yorkshire in August. Sunrise was spectacular, but this was my shot of the day.

Humber Bridge by Nigel Ogram, on Flickr

Rest of the album here

Another shot I've wanted for a while (but really couldn't be bothered with the long walk, so I stumped up the cost of the train ride instead....) Snowdon summit panorama with a cloud inversion

Snowdon Summit panorama 2 by Nigel Ogram, on Flickr

Rest of the album here

I've been taking photos of Lake Vyrnwy for several years - I already had Spring, Summer and Autumn shots and I've been waiting for ages for a proper Winter scenery - December gave me the opportunity

Lake Vyrnwy straining tower from south shore by Nigel Ogram, on Flickr

Rest of the album here

And finally, from the last week of 2017, my eldest son and I travelled to the Cambrian Mountains, knowing that it would be snowy AND sunny AND the dams would be in full flow - this is my son, Lee, in front of the last dam in the Elan valley sequence

Lee in front of Caban Coch dam by Nigel Ogram, on Flickr

Rest of the album here

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Tuesday 2nd January
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I haven't been out that much with the camera this year, so most of my better photos have been while on holiday.

The first lot were taken while on safari in South Africa

And one from my drone, that I'll hopefully be able to fly commercially soon!


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Tuesday 2nd January
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I also haven't had many opportunities to get out with my camera, so it is photos from holidays or family gatherings for me.

Owen by Lewis Craik, on Flickr
Owen looked so cute in this outfit. It took quite a while to get this photo, as he had just started crawling, but could still come towards me faster than I could shuffle backwards with the camera!

Croyde Panorama by Lewis Craik, on Flickr
Pretty much the only time I managed to get out from some landscape photography. This shot was taken from the spot I proposed to my wife.

Three Generations by Lewis Craik, on Flickr
This was taken on the front camera of my iPhone, so won't win any best photograph awards, but I love having a photo capturing all three generations. I know Owen likes it too, as my parents have a print of it in their house and he always points at it, exclaiming "Daddy" and "Grandpa".

G0147918 by Lewis Craik, on Flickr
Taken on my GoPro, whilst on holiday in Cyprus. I mainly like the colours in the underwater part.

Blowing out the candles by Lewis Craik, on Flickr
I just happened to have my camera in my hand when the birthday cake was brought into the room, so was really pleased that I managed to capture this.


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Tuesday 2nd January
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As this isn't a competition here's my contribution:

Simply Ford at the National Motor Museum in April, I learned to drive in one of these...

A bit of a holiday snap but I was trying out my EFS 24 2.8 and the image conveys the atmosphere of a downtown Reykjavik café/bar mid-afternoon I think

Not the sort of beach shot I'm used to taking!

Ford Fair at Silverstone in August. Cold day so found a sheltered spot and engaged in some panning practice

And finally, first beer in Goa on the eve of a friend's wedding, memory for me, bit so-what for you probably

Bonus image for Escort RS2000 fans. I think this car does most of the shows...

(P.S. sorry Thumbsnap seems to be quite lossy, might represent these via Flickr...)

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Tuesday 2nd January
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Ben A'an the stars by Chris Marr, on Flickr

Foggy wee me by Chris Marr, on Flickr

When I grow up I want to be a Lighthouse by Chris Marr, on Flickr

Loch Arklet, Scotland by Chris Marr, on Flickr

Seamill flow by Chris Marr, on Flickr

Unsure, I think these are my top five... Not my most productive year ever but I still got a few images I liked.


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Thursday 4th January
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Some inspiring pics there! These are mine...

Had a weekend at a yurt in Shropshire, and spent a little time chilling out watching the farmer next door plough his field...
Offa's Dyke Yurt-5 by djsmith46, on Flickr

Spent a week in Croatia, and had a day trip to the amazing Krka National Park...
Krka National Park-2 by djsmith46, on Flickr

Sticking with Croatia, we used the lovely old town of Sibenik as our base for a week...
Sibenik-92 by djsmith46, on Flickr

Visited the historic town of Trogir for the day.....
Trogir-5 by djsmith46, on Flickr

Made our annual pilgrimage to the Whit Friday Brass Band Contests at Denshaw....
Whit Friday Brass Band Contest 2017-97 by djsmith46, on Flickr