Exige S1 cutting out - fuel pump or wiring/mfru?

Exige S1 cutting out - fuel pump or wiring/mfru?



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Friday 12th September 2014
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Hi there, I've been experiencing more and more issues with my S1 Exige cutting out recently. When turning on the ignition the fuel pump doesn't always prime. I've had a flick through the forum and seems this is a common fault. Where is the best place to start checking wiring? Will of course double check the MFRU too - this is behind the seats, right?

Thanks for any advise...


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Saturday 18th November 2017
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fuel pump fuse holder,
immobilizer connector on engine loom
inertia switch connector

they all tend to burn pins as they carry the full pump current


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Wednesday 6th December 2017
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You don't always hear the pump prime if the pressure's already up.

Another possibility...

My S1 started cutting out, cause was particles of corrosion clogging the fuel pump. After sitting for a few hours, it would re-start but would soon clog again.
Solution was to remove the tank, thorough clean out and treatment with tank lining compound (an aluminium tank would be even better!). Also fitted a new pump - it's a no-brainer to do this while the tank is out. The pump can be bought separately from the whole pump/sender assembly so it's cheap to do, just of bit of labour!