Cracked Exhaust amanifold

Cracked Exhaust amanifold



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Friday 6th October 2006
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I know this is a problem with this car, and prayed that it wouldn't happen to me, but it has...right near #2. Can these be welded successfully? Anyone have a used version? Where might be the best place/price for a new one? R&R procedures? Any advice would be appreciated.

Walt...'91 SE


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Saturday 7th October 2006
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Several people have had the manifold welded successfully in the past, but for the most part if depends on where the break was and there's no clear "This works, this doesn't!".

If you are looking for used try Frank at Sports Car World ( or for new try Jeff Robinson at JAE (



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Thursday 5th April 2007
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Get a new manifold from JAE, and get the upgraded one for the later S4 model. Have them ship it directly to Polydyne Coatings. You'll gain ponies and extend the life of the header.

Al B.