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Thursday 1st January 2004
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Looking for a top quality car cover with the Lotus logo for an '02 esprit. Any places you could suggest?


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Friday 2nd January 2004
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I just purchased two covers for my Porsches from a vendor in Belgium. I e-mailed them and asked if they would do a cover for my Exige, I'll let you know what they say. Their covers are very high end, a silk material on the outside, a felt material on the inside. They do any color with the factory logo on the hood. I'll post a pic when mine shows up, should be today or Monday.



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Friday 2nd January 2004
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Contact Larry Emmons at Emmons Coachworks ( They have the correct fitting Esprit car cover whcih will fit the rear wing.

Mark Pfeffer


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Saturday 10th January 2004
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On recommendation from Fox Valley Motorcars (chicago), I went with the car covers from California Car Covers. Been super pleased with them. Have a '03 Esprit.

I have ordered two now. One called Superweave another called Plushweave. Not cheap, but wanted the best. They fit my '03 Esprit perfectly (made for the car). I use both at the same time. Plushweave on the bottom has a flannel lining on the inside of a 100% cotton cover. The Superweave on the outside is to protect against the worst elements. It is a "revolutionary" material (whatever) that is breathable, but permits no dust or water to contact the surface.

I went with two car covers because I noticed after just using the Superweave that even a small draft can place small dust particles under the cover. Since the material is so light any wind will do this and of course the Esprit is choc' full of air scoops to encourage this action. Any movement in the cover after that will then act as a fine sandpaper (or at least this is my paranoia) which will cause scratching. The Plush weave prevents almost all dust from getting under the cover from this since it is heavier, and even if it does the deep pile of the flannel (vs the super smooth surface of the Superweave) will prevent/resist this. The reason for also using the Superweave on top is simple. Removing and folding the cover causes the underside of the cover to come in contact with the outerside of the cover. The outerside is dirty. With two car covers this contamination is limited when you don't have time to fold the thing perfectly (and who does).

THe cover does not come with a Lotus logo however.

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Tuesday 20th January 2004
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Just ordered the same cover that Emmons Coachworks recomended - Technalon/Evolution 4-layer fabric. They wanted over $200.

I ordered it at for $135 + shipping.