North Wales Bank Holiday Drive

North Wales Bank Holiday Drive



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Tuesday 11th April 2017
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Hi all,

I am up in north Wales for a week or so and figured that it makes sense to go for a drive on some cracking roads while I am free from London!

Anyone fancy joining me either on Easter Sunday / bank holiday Monday?

Would be starting at Pentrefoelas Cafe and then just going for a leisurely drive from there.

I will head up anyway but the more the merrier!


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Thursday 13th April 2017
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I would join you but my car goes into limp mode if I give it any decent boost.

I will probably be out anyway but taking it easy if the weather is good.

These roads suck on bank holidays thanks to huge groups of cyclists riding in the middle of the roads, or bikers who don't seem to know what double white lines are.

I was enjoying the A roads down near Bala yesturday, including RAF jets flying over me!