PHEA Roadshow: Sheringham Car & Bike Show - Sunday 10th June

PHEA Roadshow: Sheringham Car & Bike Show - Sunday 10th June



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Tuesday 12th June
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Mrs Muttleysnoop said:
Really sorry to hear about Lowie Pete.

Steve, please get mended really quickly.

With our very best wishes x x.
Likewise... Get well soon Steve.


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Monday 9th July
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Hello Folks,

Many thanks for all your good wishes. I managed to fracture my hip
quite badly. Now, 4 week on, I'm about to be discharged home from
the rehab hospital in Beccles. However, recovery is pretty slow, with
the swelling in my leg not going down as quickly as expected. So,
getting behind the wheel again is some way off.

I've kept the R5GTT taxed, so that my mates who have looked after it
and me can have some fun. I particularly want Karl, who did most of
the restoration work, to absorb some of the wonderful public reaction
that the car gets at shows. It might be my car, but I almost feel a
fraud when hearing the plaudits, so, please make him welcome if the
car turns up as part of the PHEA display. Thanks!



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Wednesday 10th October
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Rather late, but I've now uploaded my photos.

Please find them HERE