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Route 66 in Full



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Wednesday 15th February 2012
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Anyone here done it and are there any group drives of this, maybe a few from UK could join in, but would need to hire suitable detroit metal where?


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Thursday 16th February 2012
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You get the Detroit metal at the local Hertz, Avis or similar.


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Friday 17th February 2012
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I drove San Diego to NY with some UK friends and did r66 from New Mexico to Kansas then went East. I bought my Vette there and drove it home, my friends rented Vettes and Mustangs from Hertz....


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Tuesday 21st February 2012
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This weeks "Idiot Abroad Bucket List" (2/25) @ 10PM EST on the Science channel here in the US, Karl will be doing a Route 66 adventure.


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Monday 27th February 2012
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Yes did it in full

Fantastic. Hired a mustang and loved every minute. It's old empty roads and towns.

Take a decent map as when we went wasn't always well sign posted. We also did it in reverse then caught a slow train back. Which was equally good.

We Booked only the day ahead to stay so we didn't have to rush.

Utterly a must. There are lots of groups I think that do Organised stuff


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Tuesday 28th February 2012
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Did it partially from St Monica thru to needles then hooked up to Las Vegas ....stayed at the wigwam hotel in Rialto and hit a very bikers bar opposite, which was fantastic, riding their Harley's into the bar!