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Thursday 19th April 2018
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Any Cat owners in Florida
I am looking for a builder in Florida (Fort Lauderdale area would be preferable) that can transform my R500 Track car into a road legal motor at the very least It will need a handbrake fitted and some rewiring.
I am thinking a frame off resto that way I get all the little things sorted>

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Wednesday 25th April 2018
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I didn't make the show this year, but I'm pretty sure I've seen Caterham (if not Caterham style cars) in past years at Cars on 5th in Naples -

It might be worth getting in touch with the organizers and seeing if they can put you in touch with previous registrants?


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Friday 4th May 2018
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I've seen a couple of Caterhams in Miami and remember looking up if there was a dealer. Seem to remember it was in the Fort Lauderdale area but when I google it now the only result i get is Lamborghini Palm Beach becoming a Caterham dealer in 2014. Not sure if they still are but might be able to advise.

Doesn't sound that tricky a job considering the lack of regulations to make something road legal compared to the UK.