Arkansas to the UK shipping ?

Arkansas to the UK shipping ?



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Saturday 20th April 2019
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I'd like to bring a scruffy, gutted and partially stripped Triumph TR project with spare chassis, back from Arkansas to Essex, on the East coast of England, UK. And would appreciate if anyone can advise me of the cheapest way to do this.? The car is rolling and steering and I'm presuming all the mechanical and trim loose bits (save the separate chassis) will be packed inside it for transport..

I contacted both Schumacher and SeaKargo for a quote on the 4th of this month. I think each consolidate cars into containers down in Huston Tx, and that's a 900 mile collection round trip to / from Little Rock, AK - so I can only imagine it'll be overly expensive. 16 days later and I haven't had a reply from either. Now it's Easter so their replies will be later still.

Naturally I can't proceed even with the purchase if I don't know how much the shipping is going to cost. Following a recommendation, I looked at STS Imports website - and they pack their container and ship from North Miami Beach, Florida.
But How might I get a rolling shell and a chassis from AK to Florida (securely but cheaply) ?

or is perhaps better / cost effective to see if I can buy a 20ft container for myself in Arkansas, have that loaded and then simply have it picked up and shipped - thereby avoiding any other handling or packing ? A 20ft container would be very useful to me here anyway, and perhaps Arkansas might be a good place to buy one on the cheap.? But then I don't know how container plating works and I wouldn't want to buy one ..and then find out the shipping companies won't handle it because its license is out of date.

I'd appreciate any polite(ish) suggestions. Thanks,
Pete (a newbie hereabouts).

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Monday 22nd April 2019
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Little Rock to Houston/Miami shouldn’t be too bad. If you’re not too worried about the outside getting a little stone chip or two, I’d list it in uship and get people to bid on the trip. Vehicles are always moving around here and someone with a semi with a flatbed/lowboy may well like a bit of extra $ as either a side load or filling a dead leg.

In terms of getting it back to the UK, most people in the US don’t work very well if you’re not “normal”. By this I mean they won’t call you back if you don’t have a US number etc. You need to be on the phone hounding them.

If you want a 20ft container in the UK, buy/rent one there!