G20 adding a windscreen

G20 adding a windscreen



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Friday 28th September 2018
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OK ... so I will answer my own question :

Yes ! G12 and G27 windscreens are the same ... and available through Dare ! They are also listed on the Pilkington website for the G12 but they don't seem to know they are OK for the G27 also.

Hope this info will also help someone else ...


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Thursday 30th May 2019
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Late but hopefully not to late.
The G12 windscreen will not fit into a G20 Coupe. I know it because I tried out a G12 into my G20CTC.
I´t´s very close but does have a different angle so it´s not possible to get it in.

I´m looking for a windscreen also using a screwed macrolon one in the monent. Is is the newest generation even with
German Type aprovel but not the same quality as a glass one.

Dickie b

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Friday 7th June 2019
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Hello - my first post on here having migrated from the world of kit cars.

I am currently building a G20 coupe, which will be used for road use/ trackdays . I will also need a glass e-marked windscreen in the near future for the IVA test, so following this thread with interest.

Hence if anyone has such a thing please get in touch .