Re-spray vs Vinyl wrapping

Re-spray vs Vinyl wrapping



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Wednesday 5th December 2018
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The bodywork of my '98 Cerby is looking a little tired, don't know whether to keep existing colour or go for a change - any thoughts, ideas, opinions from fellow owner's ? Cheers


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Thursday 6th December 2018
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Both options are valid, but while the wrap is an expenditure, a respray would be an investment. At some point the wrap will have to come off and then you'd still have tired paint underneath. However, if you want to try a wild colour, pattern or whatever without diminishing the car's value in the long term, a wrap makes perfect sense.


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Thursday 6th December 2018
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I was in this position a few months ago, 1998 Cerb looking tatty.

I was looking at wrapping it but after talking to a few people it turned out that the prep work needed to get a good finish was the same as needed to pre for paint so I got her painted.

Both options needed all loose clear coat rubbed down, stone chips filled, stress cracks drilled and filled and then the whole car smoothed down as any imperfections would show through the wrap.

Paint seemed the best option so I stood it to Windrush paintwork sin Witney and I have to say I would recommend them to anyone!

PM me if you want a chat.