Spotted out and about

Spotted out and about



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Wednesday 6th January 2016
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Have you come across a rare or eye-catching example of either an Elise, Exige or Europa whilst on your day to day travels and managed to to grab a photo? Well the sole purpose of this thread is for like minded Lotus lovers to post their discoveries. There are so many fantastic and unusual cars out there that don't get the recognition or exposure they deserve, so let's do our bit and share our sightings with the rest of the community.


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Sunday 13th March 2016
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Purple exige at Costco in leeds then a nice blast up the m621 with orange Evora turned off at J27. Very nice!


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Monday 14th March 2016
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A few from Blyton Park


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Tuesday 12th April 2016
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Hartside Cafe

Mellow Yellow

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Friday 26th August 2016
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Exige L600 *** spotted yesterday Southbound on M23, kept you company for a couple of junctions in my Griff.


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Sunday 6th May 2018
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S1 Elise in green with twin yellow stripes passed me in Copenhagen this evening. Roof off in the sun.


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Tuesday 26th March 2019
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Hardcore commuter


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Tuesday 26th March 2019
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Serious road holding


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Thursday 22nd August 2019
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DavidCBevan said:
Hardcore commuter
Is that the Boreham services on the A12?


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Thursday 22nd August 2019
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A couple of S1 Elise’s heading away from Eynsford/Brands Hatch toward J3 of the M25 yesterday evening just before 8pm


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Tuesday 27th August 2019
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Hi Probably coming back from the Lotus on Track Brands Hatch Indie Circuit on the 21st which finished at 8pm.


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Saturday 28th September 2019
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Anyone recognise or know this car. Spotted it parked up ext to me in a Cambridge car park today.