Airfix/Gunze Sangyo Hi-Tech 1:24 Jaguar XK-E

Airfix/Gunze Sangyo Hi-Tech 1:24 Jaguar XK-E



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Sunday 3rd March 2019
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Am looking at the Heller Le Mans version but would still like further info on putting those Gunze wheels together


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Thursday 14th March 2019
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Geez, this one took a long time to come back.

I still haven't finished this. It's a common theme.
The wheel assembly is one of those fiendishly complicated things that they'd probably use for some psych evaluation somewhere. The instructions are fairly good and do explain the steps.

There are 4 sets of spokes A, B, C, and (wait for it) D.
Only A, and B, need to go into the bender jig thingy.
Pay close attention to the direction of the spoke in the instructions.
Fit spoke in jig, press down with the press thing just enough to fit spoke into rim.
Try to glue the plastic bits together with spoke sandwiched between.
Cry, a lot.
Congratulations 4 hours have passed and you've probably done one rim.
Leave in box for six years.