What Berlingo/Partner engine to go for?

What Berlingo/Partner engine to go for?



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Thursday 8th October 2020
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Looking to get a Berlingo or Partner in 5 seater MPV guise as my next do it all utility shed on wheels.

Budget is £0 - £3k which seems to be able to get anything from an 02 plate Saxo/106 with a potacabin glued on up to a leggy 09/10 plate which looks quite modern. The big question is around the best engine to go for. I mainly do short journeys so don't have a real need for diesel. I've run them in the past (had a 2.0hdi Xsara amongst others) and know about all the DPF, EGR stuff and how to keep them healthy. I also know about the 1.6hdi carbon issues but have heard rumour they improved in later vehicles (did they? If so when?). There does seem to be a hell of a lot about which have managed 100k+ miles. I know nothing about the petrol engines other than the 1.4 looks far too weedy on paper.

Anyone had/got one or got any of these engines in something else? What about other similar vehicles?