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Baker Street bought

Baker Street bought



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Tuesday 2nd October 2012
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Picked up my new MINI a couple of months back and have taken a while to get the photo and PC together, but here it is:

A fair few pennies more than my last MINI, but there's quite a few more extras. Starting point was a Cooper Baker Street special edition with black roof and wheels, to that I chose the exterior chrome pack (it was a no cost option and lifts the details well) and then hit the options list with:
* Auto box and flappy paddles + cruise.
* Full climate (step up from manual a/c).
* Heated screen / auto wipers / lights.
* Full adaptive Xenons (fabulously better!)
* Heated seats.
* HK stereo (justified by the free insurance offer).
* Rear parking sensors.

Loving the auto everything - just get in, press the start button and go. The box is much better at changing gear than I ever was, and kicks down nicely for overtakes. Only downside is the 36MPG instead of 48 - a combination of the auto box (I used to chase the nag arrows petty closely on the manual), fatter wheels and aircon running all the time. And driving more enthusiastically as I just prefer it over the manual.