Mini Clubman noisy drive

Mini Clubman noisy drive



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Hi just picked up a F54 Clubman S as a local runabout. Overall lovely car and this one had the spec I wanted: JCW bits, LEDs, HUD, Media XL, Pano roof, and Midnight black.

Overall it is proving to be a very endearing car, more fun statement than other 'boring' conventional things, and decent performance.

However there is too much rolling road noise which I am hoping is run flat tyres related and not bearings or something llke that. The rears are defo runflats - Pirelli Cinturatos. However I think the fronts might be conventional - they are pretty new (12/21 stamped) Pirelli Powergy. I can't find any runflat wordings on them and the internet does not seem to make it obvious either. Anyone know if the Powergy come in runflats too?

Also if switching to conventional tyres, which brand/model is everyone's favourite? As a runabout I am not bothered about the ultimate in grip levels. Just something quiet and comfortable.