European Championship 2020 cancelled

European Championship 2020 cancelled



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Saturday 27th June 2020
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Well, that´s it then, no FIA/FIM this year, anything else would have been a surprise but I still had small hopes.
In Germany, only Zerbst currently offers a quartermile, entry numbers limited, no spectators, but better than nothing.
The "Nitro Challenge" sportsman race in Czech is still on the calendar in September,
also one race in Clastres if circumstances allow.
Hopefully the T&T sessions at SPR have a good signing-in.

I hope that we can have a "regular" season in 21, that all track owners/organizers survive this crappy season,
and the racers still have enough money to the workshops and on the track.

Fingers crossed for everybody´s health and wealth, CU in 2021 !