I thought I'd create a Wiki to list who's running what aftermarket parts/tyres etc on their cars. Might allow people to see whats popular, or who to talk to for info on a part. Feel free to add columns as required.
25.01.09 - I've added what I believe is the final column needed when comparing the most common performance related mods - any of the multitubde of products designed to improve the chassis integrity and thus handling and ride quality. Snotters.

26.04.2009 - Added a column for Brakes, be they pads and/or discs. Combover

03/11/09 - added column for interior mods (seats etc)

15/01/10 - Added a column for year and engine size, thought it might be useful when looking at mods. - Howard.

20/01/10 - General tidy up and creation of full grid for everyone along with correcting some data in incorrect positions. - Red Firecracker. Cheers was getting messy

Username Year/Engine Tyres Wheels Exhaust Shocks & Springs ARBs Charged Induction Chassis Mods/Bracing/Roll Bars Brakes Interior Geometry
oyster 1989 1.6 Miata (US Import) Goodyear Eagle F1 on fronts, cheap Chinese rubber on rear (I like it 'pointy'!) Factory Standard Factory Standard Factory Standard Factory Standard Factory Standard Factory Standard Factory Standard Factory Standard Factory Standard Factory Standard
identti 1992 1.6 Bridgestone Potenza RE01R Watannabe RS 15" HKS Silent HiPower Ohlins Coilovers Unknown None RS Aizawa ITBs RS Aizawa Rollbar and chassis bracing 1.8 brakes Momo Race wheel, harnesses
charybdis 2007/2.0; 6speed, 4,1 diff Summer: Dunlop Sportmaxx TT; Winter: Pirelli Sottozero S: OZ Ultraleggera 8x17 48mm offset; W: OEM 17 FOX Silencer Bilstein B16 PSS10, @-35mm - N/A K&N filter HardDog Sport with double diagonals EBC slotted discs, Yellowstuff pads, steelflex brakelines, Castrol SRF Brake Fluid, AWR air ducts Sabelt Racing Seats, Schroth 6-point, IL Centre Console Tray, AudioLink -115'camber all around, 7 castor front, 4' toe in per side front, 6' toe in per side rear
Munter 1997 1.8 Dunlop Sport Fast Response Mk1 14" MX5 Parts (IL Motorsport) Stainless Gaz Coilovers Flyin Miata None N/A Hard Dog Deuce ATE Super Blue Fluid
miniman Goodyear Eagle F1 Mk1 Berkeley 15" MX5Parts Sports Stainless Eibach lowered / KYB adjustable Standard None K&N Filtercharger -
Red Firecracker 2000 1.8is Yokohama Parada 2 Mk2 15" Standard Standard Standard None Standard TR Lane GP Bar + diagonal Standard CG Lock
MX-5 Lazza 2001 Mk2.5 Sport 1.8 195/50/15 Yoko A048, 205/40/17 Toyo T1R 17" OZ Super T & 15" Rota Circuit 10 Larini Sport Cat & Mid-pipe. Racing Beat Duel exit GAZ Gold Pro Standard MP62, TDR IC, 120mm pulley, Adaptronic, 550cc RC injectors Halfords cone filter wink Stock Mk2.5 Sport bracing + Hard Dog Deuce Standard Sport MX5 Mk3 seats
Howard- 1990 / 1.6 Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 15" white Enkeis from JDM mk2 special edition Standard Performance5 SportDrive Standard Jackson Racing M45 Supercharger w/ AFPR & MSD K&N / TrackDogRacing filter kit Front and rear ILM subframe braces 1.8 Front and rear discs, EBC YellowStuff Pads
pmanson- 3 x Pirelli P6000 + One odd tyre (to be sorted this year) Standard wheels painted black MX5Parts Dual Exit Standard Standard None Standard Chassis Mods/Bracing/Roll bars
snotrag Toyo T1 195/50/R15 Enkei RP-01 15" HKS SuperDrager + 421 manifold Ohlins Single adjustables Stock S-special NA Cone filter on stock air pipe with resonators Stock 1.8 under chassis braces + Front Turret/Strut brace + Cusco Harness/Cabin brace
StressedDave Avon ZV3 185/60 R14 OE 14" OE Prototype SportDrive OE NA OE Hard Dog + door bars
Raify 1994/1.8 Eunos RS Ltd Toyo Proxes T1R BBS MX5parts Manifold & Silenced decat + Mazdaspeed backbox Gaz Gold Pro 350+250lbs Std NA Std Engine Brace & TR Lane GPD Rollbar + Harness bar EBC Yellow Stuff Pads, Goodrich Braided Lines DOT5.1 fluid RS Ltd seats + Nakata 4 point harnesses WiM Fast Road (Modified)
Herman Toothrot 1990 1.8 Forged TOYO R888 Medium 195/50/15 15x7" OZ Ultraleggera ET40 XS-Speed & FM gutted CAT P5 Pure Drive Standard BEGi GT2860RS + LINKG3 Ebay cone filter V8 Roadsters Subframe + Nickson Motorsport full cage Mk2.5 Sport Brakes Yellowstuff Braided Lines Scroth Harnesses + Cobra Monaco + Link Display
ali_kat Pirelli P6000 15" Enkie alloy wheels Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard
mk1_salami 1994 1.8 Michelin Pilot Sport PE2 195/50/15 OZ Superleggera 15x7 XS-Speed 2.5" stainless, decat with 4" exit Gaz Gold Pro 400/300 OE Pulsar T28, RC 550's, Evo 8 Intercooler, Custom DP, MSPNP, Launch Control, Flat Shift, MAF Delete, Forge Recirc valve, Devils Own WI kit K&N Filter Front engine brace, Energy poly bush kit Corrado 280mm discs (949 big brake brackets), Axxis ULT pads, ATE Superblue Fluid Bride Zeta II bucket seat WIM Fast Road settings
Raffles Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 Mazda MK2.5 16" (on a MK1) Standard KYB AGX Gas shocks - fully adjustable - lowered springs Standard Standard Standard Standard
sgibson808 Yoko Advan A048 Watanabe 14" Maxim Works Manifold Koni Adjustables Standard Standard HKS Induction&Joyfast Crossover Standard
paul99 Nankang NS2-R's Work Emotion Kiwami 15" Racing Beat Manifold, Autoexe backbox BC Coilovers Jackson Racing JR M45 S/C + 60mm Pulley Custom Induction Hard Dog Sport bar
kevham Toyo T1R, Marangoni Zeta Linea 195/50/15, Toyo T1R 195/45/14 Rota Circuit 8 15", Enkei VR-Ltd 15", Mazda 1.8iS 14" Racing Beat Power Pulse Single Exit P5 Puredrive Standard None Standard Hard Dog Hardcore M2, Hard Dog Harness Bar, Racing Beat ARB Brace
.:ian:. Goodyear Oz Superleggera 15x7 OEM OEM late MK1 "offroad" springs Standard Polybushed None Pipercross Cone OE Front Strut brace
NiceCupOfTea 1994 1.8 Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 Mazdaspeed MS-01R 15" Standard Bilstein (S-Spec) Standard None Apexi Power Intake S-Spec front strut brace & standard cabin brace
Phil @ P5 Federal 595s Rota C8s, 16x7 Borla CAT-back P5 PureDrive Standard None - Yet! HKS HDHCDD, Tarox BBK (6-piston), Carbotech AX-6, SuperPro Bushes
Mac. Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 RS Ltd BBS Standard RS Ltd Bilsteins RS Ltd ARB's None Unknown Aftermarket Cone Filter RS Ltd Front Strut Brace, RS Ltd Rear Cabin Brace
roverspeed Toyo Proxes 195/50R15 Sebring 15x7 Unknown JDM aftermarket Gaz Shocks & Fm sprinfs FM None - Yet! Piprcross FM Front lower and rear lower, 1.8 cabin brace, front upper unknown brand
Mac. Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 RS Ltd BBS Custom made 2.5" bore with 2.5" singe exit, decatted RS Ltd Bilsteins RS Ltd ARB's None Unknown Aftermarket Cone Filter RS Ltd Front Strut Brace, RS Ltd Rear Cabin Brace
Nocturnal Toyo T1R 195/50 SportMaxx 002 15x8 ET0 SS Autochrome 4-2-1, silenced de-cat, Apex'i exhaust Spax RSX Standard None K&N drop-in filter Carbing 4pt roll cage, Tein front tower brace (copy I think)
Combover Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD-3 Standard Nevada 16 inch SS Larini Systems Catback P5 (not yet fitted) Standard None Standard Hard Dog Sport M2 + Sport bracing Sport discs and calipers, Axxis Ultimate Pads
blutone Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD-3 15" Black Rota Slipstreams IL Motorsports Backbox Standard Standard None K&N Filter Hard Dog Sport M1
Murdoc Toyo T1R 195/50/15 BBR/Le Mans Wheels Custom stainless Bilsteins Standard BBR Turbo K&N Filter None
Vrooom cheapies, will change them later standard Standard standard but lowered Standard none none engine bay structbrace
Gustavo Bridgestone Turanza ER30 195/50/15 Standard mk2 15" Enkei 5-spokes Larini single exit back box Standard 'S'-spec Bilsteins Standard None K&N cone filter Standard Standard
Maz8062 Toyo R888 195/50/15 RS Watanabe F8F (Mg)15x7 ET36 XS Speed 2.5" turbo back exhaust Tein Type HR Coilovers Gab 1.25" Hollow front ARB, uprated rear Greddy Turbo @1 bar, Link ECU with knock sensor, map sensor, EBC, 550cc injectors, Innovate Lc-1 , Koyo Rad, Webcam505 camshafts/ Fidanza vernier pulleys - Custom FMIC + Bov - Toda 8lb flywheel/Exedy Clutch K&N filter AFM removed Hard Dog M2 + Boot brace + under bracing 1.6 vented discs, goodridge hoses & mintex 1144 pads
WarrenG '93:Mk1 1.8 Toyo Proxes T1R 195/50/15 BBS 15x6 ET45 mx5parts Stainless Sport KONI STR.T street handling (-35mm) std NA std S-Spec front strut brace & standard cabin brace std cloth WIM fast road
Gix Toyo T1-R 205/50 R15 Rota RB 15x8 ET25 Custom Tein Flex 7/6 kg/mm Std MP62 65/125 pulley ratio, EMU, 460cc Inj, Zeitronix WB O2, Aquamist, Devils own WI with 7.5 go-kart fuel tank, Custom IC, TurboXS Knocklite, 99 motor/intake swap, dual feed fuel rail, Dual throttle mod etc etc K&N Hard Dog M2 Sport Double Diagonal FM discs, Axxis Ultimate pads, SS lines
Lanks Toyo R888 205/50 R15 WORK NR4 Custom turbo Tein Flex EDFC Std poly bushed and rose jointed adj end links Greddy TD04h, tubular manifold, 2.5 SS DP, Electromotice TECII Vishnu ECU, RC 550cc Inj, Innovate LC-1 WBO2, Coolingmist Water/Meth INJ, TRUST IC and custom hardpipes, SARD BOV, dual feed fuel rail, KOYO 55 Alloy rad etc etc Greddy pipe no filter 7 point CUSCO cage Axxis Ultimate pads, SS lines
Hovis Toyo T1 195/45 R15 - - - - JRSC stage2, 14psi, water injection - - - -
MazDave Yokohama Parada Spec2 195/50R15 Enkei 15" Standard with silenced decat Tein Superstreet Standard None K&N Apollo ducted to the cowl TR Lane roll bar with diagonal and Harness bar. Front strut brace Standard
Pearcy Khumo KU31 205/50 R15 Rota RB 15x8 ET35 mongoose 2 box, de cat Koni Sport Adjustable H&R adj roll bars with rose jointed adj drop links JRSC M45, Greddy e-manage blue, Denso 320cc Inj, Innovate LC-1 WBO2, Audi IC and custom hardpipes, dual feed fuel rail, J&S safeguard etc. K&N cone filter 4 point cage, front & rear chassis bracing EBC Redstuff pads, SS lines
scrwright 1996 1.8 Toyo Proxies 185-60-14 or toyo888's 14" 6 spoke rays stock Zeta-s coilovers standard nope K&N cone filter on a racing beat intake stock 1.8 bracing + front strut brace EBC greenstuff pads 320 momo wheel -10mm drop rear, 15mm front, -2camber all around, 4.5 castor front, 20 toe in front, 30 back
skinny 1.6 BBR Hankook RS2 / Michelin Pilot Sport Exalto 2 15" mk2 sport OEM (orange)/ team dynamics pro race 2 (matt black) custom de-cat 2.5" mk2 bilsteins and RS cut springs with mk2 top mounts FM ARB's MSPnP (MS1 v3.57) with LC-1 wideband and vTPS K&N panel filter - MAF removal with MSPnP 4 point cusco roll bar & harness bar, underbody braces 1.8 brakes (sport fronts) & axxiss ultimates, SS braided lines, m/c brace, Brembo brake fluid sparco corsa (driver), sparco rev (pass), 320 momo wheel, 4 pt harnesses
VDubbin Bridgestone Turanzas 15" Halford's CE28N lookielikies OEM OEM OEM OEM OEM Upper & lower front braces, style bar EBC Greensuff pad & discs, 5.1 fluid CG Locks
pbirkett 1994 1.8 RS-Ltd Toyo T1R 15" BBS (RS) Mazdaspeed + Decat Eibach / Standard Standard None Standard Standard EBC Greensuff pad & discs, 5.1 fluid RS Recaros, Momo Champion Steering wheel, "metal ball" gearknob, MX5 parts chrome / leather handbrake sleeve
rfn 2006 2.0i Sport Toyo T1-R 17" OEM Sport MX-5 Parts Backbox Lowered 45mm Eibach's OEM N/A OEM N/A Drilled/Grooved Discs & Greenstuff Pads IL Centre Console Tray
Oldwolf 1990 1.6 Pirelli 14" Minilite Stainless Steel High Flow Downpipe, Stainless Steel De-cat, MX5parts Stainless Steel Dual Exit GAZ Coilovers OEM N/A OEM N/A EBR Turbo & Greenstuff Pads Moto-lita Steering Wheel
Legend83 1995 1.8 Yokohoma 15" MK2 iS Larini back-box GAZ Coilovers OEM JRSC M45, EMB OEM N/A Standard Momo Steering Wheel
GravelBen 1990 1.6 Achilles 123 semi-semi-slicks 195/50R15 15" Toms/Rays Sprint C3 forged 3-piece quite loud 2.5" turbo-back Cusco Zero-1 adj. platform standard poly bushed TD04, FMIC, Link ECU etc custom CAI Lower wishbone braces NB 1.8 sport brakes Momo T-frame seat, Momo Corse wheel, boost gauge, link display, knocklink
tuttle 1995 1.8 Toyo T1R 14" Watanabes & 15" BBS(RS) standard kyb standard ARC chamber & K&N cone Momo race wheel,
ronime 1993 1.6 Goodyear GSD3 195/50R15 6J x 15" Mazda Mk2 iS standard Rokkor NB coilovers FM standard standard Mr Fast front lower subframe brace standard standard
menguin 1992 1.6 Toyo R888 195/50R15 14" Watanabe alloys Stainless steel KYB AGX, Eibach pro springs standard Garrett T25, Emanage blue, 330cc injectors K&N 57i, cold air feed, headlight intake Lower chassis brace, front strut brace 1.8 rear beam with 1.8 brakes, uprated pads Momo steering wheel, OMP bucket seats
Rocketman105 1994 1.8 S Special Toyo T1R 195 55 R14 S Special BBS 14" Alloys Standard Standard with Bilstein dampers Standard S Special N/A Standard S Special Strut Brace Standard discs and new OE calipers, Hel SS braided hoses and Ultimax pads Standard
oakesy2001uk 1994 1.8 JDM 195-50-15 yoko parada 2 Volk GroupN-RS borla single exit BC racing coilovers standard Minicharger, 10psi intercooled custom with heat shield, vented headligh lid, TSI's TR lane roll bar, all OEM bracing OEM disks, yellowstuff pads, braided lines, refurbed calipers, good fluid Momo wheel, Sparco srint 5 seats, 4point harnesses
Mozza 2005 Mk2.5 1950cc Sport Federal SS595 Racing Harts 17" MX5part Dual exit Koni Sport Coilovers Standard MP62, TDR IC, 146mm pulley, Adaptronic, RC550 injectors, Dual throttle bodies Classic BRP filter Harddog Ace clear view rollbar Sport brakes standard WIM fast road
g40steve 2006/2.0 Federal RSR's Speedline Turini Cobra MK2 MeisterRs Uprated RB mani, Remapped, sports cat AEM Rodders wink Rodders trackpads Leather Rodders Track Setup, Corner weighted
piefacemate 1990 1.6 Eunos Toyo T1R 15/50/195 15" Team Dynamics (I think) Flyin' Miata Dual 3" unknown adjustables Standard GT2560 & LinkECU G4 Standard Lots of extra bracing! Wilwood 4 pots, OEM pads Cobra Monacos Standard
markdixon206 1996 1.8 Eunos VR-Ltd Toyo Proxies 15" Axis OG'3 Racing Beat & High Flow CAT GAZ Gold Pro's Standard Jackson Racing M45 Supercharger, 440cc RC & E-Manager Ulitmate K&N TR Lane Roll Bar, Racing Ultra Anti Roll Bars, 3 Point Engine Brace, Boot Brace EBC Groved Discs & Yellow Stuff Pads Zoom Centre Console, Zoom Start button, VR-Ltd Style Seats & Momo Steering Wheel WIM Fast Road
Bigdog2 2002 SP 1.8, Eagle Rods, Wiseco 8.5:1 pistons, ARP studs Toyo R1R 16x7 SSR SP2R Mazda Motorsport Bilstein PSS9 Whiteline GT2560 & Mazda Motorsport ECU Mazda Motorsport CF air box Brown Davis Roll Bar RDA grooved discs & Red Stuff pads Stock fast road
Jerwatt 1999 1.8 10AE some kind of Continental Winters 10AE Racing Beat Dual exit Standard (Bilsteins) Standard N/A K&N Filter N/A Standard with Greenstuff pads
rotarymazda 1994/1.3 rotary Miata M-Edition Toyo Proxes T1R Std Custom dual-output, decat Tokico Illumina, custom springs Jackson Racing NA Custom Custom Braided Lines Nardi WGT
Towelie 1992 1.6 S-Special 195/50/R15 Toyo T1r 15" oem enkei in white Cobalt exhaust with silenced decat MeisterR Zeta S NA TD04 turbo, megasquirt ms2v3, rx8 injectors, EBC, fmic and no bov! K&N cone S-Special strut brace, Tr Lane GPV + h/b 1.8 brakes SS Braided Lines +yellowstuff+motul rbf600 330mm momo, Bride vios III, willans harnesses
jimbobs 1990 1.6 Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 Crappy 15" Standard, De-Cat Gaz Gold Pro 400/300 Standard None Pipercross panel filter F/R subframe braces Braided hoses standard discs EBC Green Stuff pads Nardi wheel 5-Speed "Fast Road"
JonnyFive 1999 1.8iS Yokohama Parada Spec2 OEM 15" (Enkei) Aftermarket Backbox/Decat eBay Raceland Coilovers OEM Standard Drilled Airbox OEM Front Axxis Ultimates Standard Nardi w/Kenwood Headunit WIM Drift/Personal Settings
madmover 1999 1.8iS some awful brand - sideways permanently will update here when i remember! Wolfrace Standard - for now standard OEM Standard Drilled Airbox OEM standard LG Headunit standard
furtive 2003 Mk2.5 1.8 Sport Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard
St. Anger 1990 Mk1 1.6 Toyo T1r's 15" spoke Mk2 wheels IL Motorsports Dual Exit System w/Decat Standard Standard Not yet! Standad Standard Apec pads. highly recommended Momo 3-spoke wheel Standard
cocopop 1998 Mk2 1.8 RS Federal RSR 15" 949Racing 6UL 15X8 ET36 Autoexe Complete system inc. high flow cat Bilstein and RSR Ti2000 springs RS Ltd Hybrid Garrett T25g, custom FMIC with HKS BOV, RX7 550cc injectors, duel feed fuel rail, HKS FCON Pro management HKS induction Standard Axxis Ultimates, front and rear, braided hoses, RBF600 fluid Mazdaspeed Type F drivers seat Austec fast road/track settings
src1971 1994 Mk1 1.8 RS-Ltd Federal RSR 15" Mk2 5-spokes Maxim Works manifold, decat, MX5Parts back box Gaz Gold Pro 400/300 OEM Head skimmed K&N filter with cold air feed Carbing roll bar Carbotech XP8 JK buckets, Schroth harnesses, 300mm OMP q/r wheel Track settings
KevSeymour 1994 1.8 S Special 195/50/R15 Toyo T1R BMW E30 BBS 15x7 ET24 MX5 Parts 4 branch manifold, custom decat, standard backbox. Gaz Gold Pro 400/300. Ultra Racing adjustable ARB's None K&N panel + drilled airbox. Standard Front: 280mm Brembo Max discs and Mintex M1144 pads. Rear: 270mm Pagid discs and standard pads. Custom made A pillar trims with integrated tweeters, custom doors cards and gear/handbrake gaiters. 300mm MOMO Team wheel. Foamectomy. Finishline Fast Road settings
JamesHayward 1991 1.6 V Special 185/60/R13 Toyo R888 Superlite 13x7 ET-7 Cobalt (Racing Beat) Exhaust. Gaz Gold Pro 400/300. None Omex ITB Kit (Jenvey's & Omex ECU) Standard Mazda OEM Strut Brace, Full Cusco Roll Cage Front: Standard with Performance Friction Front Pads. Flocked Crashpads, Custom Doorcards, Flocked Dial Cowel, Sparco Sprint 5 Seats, Momo Prototipo Wheel, Custom Switch Panel. WIM Fast Road settings
Lanxx 1998 1.8s Toyo Proxes T1R Standard MX5Parts Dual, rest standard Standard Standard No K&N homebrew Standard Standard, squeaky Standard Standard
Cyder 1990 1.6 Eunos Toyo Proxes T1R Wolfrace Pro-Sprint 15" Standard with Mx5 Parts decat pipe Mk2 with -25mm Eibach springs Standard No K&N panel filter Standard Standard Standard Standard
mizx 2010 2.0 RC Conti SC3 235/40R17 Wedssport TC105n 17x9 et49 Racing Beat Tein Street Flex coilovers to come; Racing Beat F arb, FLWB & RTA bushes No Factory, Pipercross panel OEM as yet Standard Standard Lee@FCM; camber -2.0deg F -1.5deg R, rough toe in per side 1/32 F 1/16 R (forgot the metric, I know imperial for the yanks on miata.net smile), caster 7.5deg
feef 2002 1.8s Toyo PRoxes T1R Standard 16s Japspped stainless manifold with relocated O2 sensor. MX5Parts twin port back box Tein S Tech springs, stock shocks stock Eaton M45 with Emerald ECU and custom 6rib drive pulleys, Way Motorworks 17% reduction pulley and intercooler Mushroom filter Stock EBC drilled/slotted disks and EBC green stuff pads Brushed stainless dash, custom dials, custom audio system and center panel, Nielex short shifter standard, but adjusted for springs
NurseHolliday 1992 body 1996 1.8 engine Mazdaspeed 2-way diff Yokohama A048R Dare RS 16x9 et20 4-1 stainless manifold with fully custom stainless steel v-banded exhaust raised above chassis rails. straight line from mani to exit HSD MonoPros Unknown thicker front - ITBs - Mintex discs and EBC Yellow pads (Nitrac grooved and CarboTech XP8s to go on) Nexus 7 Tablet as digi dash connected to MegaSquirt and in car entertainment, Curley Motorsport carbon fibre bucket seat, OMP Targa suede steering wheel standard but with lowered ride height
HughS47 1996 1.8 Eunos with early NB 1.8 engine Federal 595RS-R 15" Enkei white rims Custom stainless 3" downpipe with decat pipe and custom 2.5" back to custom rear silencer Standard bilstein dampers with eibach lowering springs standard polybushed TD04 turbo with RX8 injectors, bailey twin-piston dump and FMIC Custom TR Lane roll bar EBC turbo grooved discs with yellowstuff pads and HEL braided lines TRS 3 point harnesses with GRP fixed buckets. Radio delete and some weight loss Lowered ride height, custom Cleverley Performance geometry for track
SmilerFTM 2006 2.0 Sport with oversize Supertech pistons and head skim Michelin Pilot Sport 3 OEM Rims BBR 4-1 Manifold to Goodwin RoadsterSport Helmholtz midpipe to Remus PowerSound backbox MeisterR ZetaS coilovers OEM None fitted BBR Flat panel air filter, BBR intake and exhaust CAMS, BBR ECU remap OEM OEM OEM AK Automotive alignment
routari 2001 1.8 S-VT with OEM Torsen type LSD Hankook Ventus V12 Evo OEM 16" Rims Unknown stainless cat-back system OEM Bilstein Eibach adjustable N/A OEM OEM S-VT bracing OEM larger diameter, YellowStuff pads, Castrol high-temperature DOT4 OEM Custom alignment to dial out understeer
Amiablechimp 1991 1.6 V-Special 195/60/14 Vredestein Sportrac S 14x7 ET28 Enkei RPF01 Cobalt S/S Cat-back Meister-R Coilovers Front upper strut brace, rear lower (between wishbones) Randall mod - intake from scuttle panel thru ebay carbon look filter 1.8 discs/pads with braided hoses Retrimmed seats, QR hub, Revlimiter retro toggle switches, JASS S/S HVAC panel Fast road alignment