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JEEP WRANGLER - Tell me about the trim levels please

JEEP WRANGLER - Tell me about the trim levels please



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Monday 27th August 2012
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Hi all,

I am thinking of buying a Jeep Wrangler.
It would not be a new one, but would be one of the latest generation, ie, the JK
They are from 2007 onwards.

I would like to find out about the trim levels.
Which is pauper, and which is Rolls.

Islander - maybe not in UK
Mountain - maybe not in UK

I just have a little idea of whats what.
I would like to know the forum feeling of a SWB or the LWB.
I currently have a newish Land Cruiser, which is bigger than the LWB JK, so size doesn't concern me.
I would like to know opinions on the V6 petrol engine, and the 2,8L diesel.
I am not going to ask about auto or manual, as there is no answer to this, and I am not really bothered, but do lean towards automatic.
Any good informative websites?


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Captain Cadillac

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Monday 27th August 2012
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Unlimited is a 4 door Wrangler.

Not terribly familiar with the UK versions, here in the US we have Three trim levels on Wranglers which I think applies worldwide. Some of the ones you mentioned are limited editions, like the Call of Duty models.

X: this is the base model, power windows, air, alloys, etc are optional. Most of them have power windows, locks, air, etc.

Sahara: this is the luxury version. We get lots of them with Navi, Heated leather seats, etc. Sahara trim means body colored fenders. Sorry, coloured wings smile

Rubicon: this is the one you want if you're going off road. Updated suspension, the all important Dana 44 axles, locking rear diff, etc. you can get a Rubicon with Nav and other luxuries as well.

I assume you're in the UK so you'll probably be looking at a Diesel, we don't get Diesel Wranglers here, sadly. As far as buying goes, the 2011s got the MUCH nicer dash, and the 2012 V6 Petrol versions got the dramatically better "Pentastar" V6.

But if you're in America buying a used one makes little sense, they have the resale value of gold so you might as well go new, what I pay for used Wranglers at auction is scary.

Edited to add the V6 is worth looking into if you can swing a 2012, otherwise personally I'd get a Diesel of you can. If you can swing a 2012 the Pentastar V6 is powerful and no worse on fuel than the previous engine, which I'm not a fan of.

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Tuesday 25th September 2012
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I have driven the 2.7 diesel version here in the UK and the 3.8 V6 petrol version in Greece. I preferred the petrol but it is not officially sold in the UK although I'm sure that Jeep UK told me that you could get one on special order.

I drove both the auto and manual 2.7 diesel 4 pots which I believe are Mercedes engines and preferred the manual. The auto felt really laboured but then you don't buy a Wrangler to go fast but I do like having a gear stick.

You get a Sport and a Sahara over here and the main difference being that the Sahara comes with A/C. Jeep UK did offer me a weekend test drive which I never got round to doing so it might be worth contacting them if you are interested.


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Tuesday 25th September 2012
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The V6 petrol was available at launch of the current model in short wheel base model Rubicon only.


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Thursday 27th September 2012
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There is a company out of Miami, FL that usually has non-USA Chrysler/Jeep cars available. Website is wwwdotcasmiamidotcom. No affiliation, I just check out their site from time to time.