Ginetta g20 wheels needed

Ginetta g20 wheels needed



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Monday 6th July 2009
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Hi iam looking for a set of g20 wheels for my sons race car


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Wednesday 29th July 2009
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i have some weller ones only used a few times think they might fit there 4 stud was fitted to a ginetta aprox 10 years back cant remember the model


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Monday 10th August 2009
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I have some available as only using 4 in the Club Ginetta series (albeit very nearly only 3 on the car at Donington!)...

My spares from the Senior series are available - PM me if you're still looking or for contact details




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Tuesday 11th August 2009
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butcher, whereabouts are you based? might be able to help out..


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Thursday 1st October 2009
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Ask to speak to Jason, he has two G20's at his worksop at Brands Hatch. He will also be at Silverstone this weekend for the Britcar 500 in car no. 65


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Thursday 2nd February 2017
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Looking for a set of wheels for my Ginetta G20 Race Car. Anyone got any to sell?