CD/DVD player connections



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Saturday 10th June
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RSstuff said:
Call me cynical, but how good would something that probably cost a tenner to make be?
I bought a new transport for my CD player for about £15.
I'd guess that's a small retail market compared to Currys piling it high and shifting it quick?

A modern DVD player probably only has a few chips in it, which cost beans in serious quantities.

Call me cynical, but what do you think you are actually getting by paying 6 times as much?
Probably a steel weight in the box to give an impression of 'kwollity'?

When I bought a CD player quite a few years ago, I looked into the specs and bought the Philips because it had a better audio DAC than things 3 times the price. End of line bargain. We're not heavy users of DVD but it's been entirely fine and sounds OK for the odd concert DVD we've played.

I'd maybe consider putting money into streaming or media server boxes these days, as even dinosaurs like me are getting dragged in that direction.


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Saturday 10th June
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