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Sunday 19th January
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message4chris said:
Hi..I'm also looking to get a car from London to Southern Spain (Estapona / Marbella) - Can anyone recommend a company and the give me an indication of what the costs might be ?
I've used a few companies, with varying outcomes, I tend to pay a bit over the odds these days, but you get what you pay for.
What kind of transport are you looking for, covered, open transporter, or just a trailer?


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Monday 30th March
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sundance002 said:
I have a private man with a 12 car transporter.
He regularly brings my Noble and Merc back and forth and specialises in low sport cars.
His name is Steve, he charges 575 pounds per car one way..
Drop me an email and I will pass you his mobile number
Hello could I have a quote please?


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Thursday 12th November
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I work at a parking in malaga airport, we use Steve all the time, he seems to have a good reputation in this game (assuming its the same Steve.)

The company is called "sunshine car transport", obviously we have his number and email address, but i dont know if i´m allowed to put it on here ?

I believe he charges around 600 pounds each way, per car.