Bottas revealed

Bottas revealed



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Saturday 6th February
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Anyway if his plan was to get in Vettel’s head it definitely worked smile
The same goes for the Monaco yellow flag/ reverse incident

Derek Smith

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Sunday 7th February
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After the year of lockdowns, isolation and barred gates, it's good to see that F1, at least on forums, is getting back to normal.

We've had two brilliant seasons, and most of the ones over recent times have been pretty good, so let's hope that the bickering, belittling and b***ching continues on here as that tends to suggest that it'll be the same as last season. And the one before that. And the one before . . . etc.

I'm a bit of a pesimist in the New Year when predicting what the new season will produce, so it is reassuring to find the trolls back with their bile.


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Sunday 7th February
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Can't wait to be told how much better other Series are and why F1 hasn't been good since the '70s...

... while they comment on current F1 events in an F1 thread.


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Thursday 8th April
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M5-911 said:
Oh dear, another one of those German, deutch and Italian journalists making up stories about contracts.

Every single F1 website have had their own version of Hamilton contract in the last 2 weeks. Pathetic.

Let's wait and see what is the deal.
Hamilton seems happy with the deal, he's got sleepy Bottas for the 5th consecutive year hehe