Why can nobody overtake?

Why can nobody overtake?



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Sunday 19th March 2023
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brisel said:
Fair enough, especially on a left hand bend, but I would always prefer a sign that the driver in front has a) seen you and b) is trying to help. I’ve had enough drivers pull out in front of me when I have already begun my overtake despite my positioning and indication.
smile I get where you're coming from but I'd personally prefer drivers to interact with me on a bike as little as possible - just carry on your way and let me make the decisions that affect my overtake. As against that yes, it's a nice attitude when someone gives you room.


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Sunday 19th March 2023
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I'd never considered that perspective before - I always make a single, definite move left when I see a bike approaching for an overtake or filtering.


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Monday 20th March 2023
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as a fairly new rider, it was a bit of a surprise to see how some car drivers change their driving when i pull up behind them on the bike, from small pulls over to the left hand side - which i have always done assuming im helping, to indicating left to signal me to pass, arm out the window signalling me to pass and even slowing down in order to assist my passing. all of which are done in a way to try and help but actually do make more thinking required.