Macan GTS spec with air suspension?

Macan GTS spec with air suspension?



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Thursday 1st October
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Cheib said:
Good Luck ! If it were my I’d go Night Blue, Dolomite Silver or Volcano Grey. Probably Night Blue as have seen a few GTS’s in that or similar blue’s and think they look great.
Personally not a fan of silver on the Macan. Another vote for Night Blue though. My wife had a Turbo PP in night blue and it was gorgeous and a lot easier to live with than black! Interior with silver stitching made it a classy and lovely place to be.

She has just bought a Volcano grey car now and it looks nearly black in some lights. Nice colour and somehow more sporty than the night blue.

Good luck choosing and enjoy!


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Friday 2nd October
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Here’s one in Night Blue we picked up a couple of months ago. smile

It’s a bit like black to keep clean but made easier by having it ceramic coated. Second GTS, this one is on air, which is lower in low mode than the previous steel sprung version. The ride of the original was very good, but the air is another league.