Replacing brakes on 955 S

Replacing brakes on 955 S



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Thursday 8th October
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So I’ve had my 2006 Cayenne S for three months now and the seller indicated that the brakes would need changing at some point. I think the time is nigh.

I don’t have a warning light on the dash but I can see there’s not much meat left on the pads and the discs on all four corners have a lip.

Given the weight of the car and the worsening road conditions as we head into winter I’m not going to mess about and would like to get them changed.

I got a quote from the OPC for just over £2k which I felt was a little high given it’s 30% of the value of the car thought about doing it myself. Trouble is I’ve never attempted something like this and given they’re brakes, I don’t want to stuff it up.

The car sits on 19” rims and has silver callipers but the size of the discs from the original spec sheet don’t seem to tally with the ones on sale from the reputable online places (and ECP).

Work is busy and I’m procrastinating on the decision to change them. I’m not doing many miles a week right now but I don’t want to leave it too long.

For a first timer at this, should I just chuck myself into it and get them changed on my drive (having sourced what I think are the right parts from a couple of retailers as only eBay seems to have all the stuff in one place) or should I find a local garage to sort?

Would love to have some considered opinions from some other owners.