New Macan S vs GTS?



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Saturday 18th March
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Yes, got the air on my new S on 21s. Lovely ride.


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Saturday 18th March
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Green is lovely health to drive! My better half ended up getting a crayon T and it’s a brilliant thing.

Only 300 miles on it so far but I’m genuinely impressed with it, it sounds great with the sports exhaust and handles so well.

You have to rev it and it does feel flat in normal mode but it is far from slow in sport/sport plus.

Great, great cars I never knew how good they are!

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Saturday 18th March
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mikey k said:
Yep surprising how little difference.
For me the handling differences would have pushed me to a GTS. But the green S I've landed has all the GTS suspension options so I'm happy.
I don't like the pedal in normal, but in sport or sport + it's mapped differently and works well. So Sport Chrono is a must as well as the PASM air suspension.
That car did look very nice. The right wheels and I would have loved a green one. However, buying new it meant going for PTS which cost £5.5k more than standard metallic, which I couldn’t justify.