F430 Battery Cut Off Airbag

F430 Battery Cut Off Airbag



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Wednesday 27th November
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I’m going to be taking the wheel of my F430 to have it re-trimmed. I’ve done this in the past on previous cars by disconnecting the battery and allowing half an hour or so for the air bag to discharge before remove the airbag etc. My F430 however is fitted with a battery cut of in the front boot, I’m wondering with this in the off position will it remove the supply to the air bag? Or will I still need to physically disconnect the battery at the terminals? Does the cut of switch switch everything off or just the majority of the systems?


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Saturday 30th November
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i believe it cuts the whole car off. I did exactly this when i swapped the steering wheel out on my F430.

the car will need to re-learn the adaptive s when you start it up again, it can take a good 10 mins to do that i believe.