New members

I'm new to PistonHeads. Where do I start?

If you've never used the PH forums before, we'd recommend having a read of our beginner's guide here.

Why can't I post in the forums?

We currently prevent new members from posting between 21:00 - 09:00 to stop spam attacks when we have little or no moderation available.

After 24 hours, this will be lifted from your account and you'll be able to post at any time.

PistonHeads is first and foremost a motoring community, but we do have non-motoring related forums too. We don't want people signing up who have little interest in motoring, so access to some non-motoring forums is restricted for 14 days. Posting rights to our News, Politics & Economics forum are granted after one year of membership and a minimum of 1,000 posts.

How do I post an image?

There's a few ways to share images in the forums – head here to see the options and have a practice.

Account management

How do I change my email address on my account?

Please visit this thread for guidance on changing your email address.

How do I delete my account?

Please visit this thread for guidance on deleting your account.


Why was my post or thread deleted?

We will delete posts and threads that go against or rules of posting. This may also result in forum suspension or a full ban from PistonHeads altogether.

You should receive a moderation alert with a reason why your post/thread was deleted but if you're unsure, please check our rules of posting. We may delete posts where you've quoted another post that has been deleted, so you may not be in the wrong in this case and we're simply cleaning up.

Can I complain about forum moderation?

Our moderators work to a strict set of guidelines and it's their interest to help keep PH a welcoming and informative forum. Their decision is final and we do not respond to requests to investigate individual cases.

Why have I been suspended or banned?

We will normally let bad behaviour off with a warning but if a member persistently behaves badly, we will either suspend them for a period of time of ban them from the forums altogether. You should receive a notification to explain why but if you're still unsure, please check our rules of posting.

If I'm banned, can I come back?

No. We try not to ban members but if we have to do this due to bad behaviour, you're not welcome to start a new profile and returning banned members will be blocked from the site.

Advertising in the forums

How can I advertise in the PistonHeads forums?

For all advertising and sales queries, please contact our sales team at or on 0208 102 0509. Lines are open 09:00 - 17:00, Monday to Friday.

Other questions

If you have another question take a look in the rest of our Website Feedback forum and if you can't see the answer, feel free to post a question and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please do not start a Website Feedback thread about specific moderation case (e.g. why was my thread deleted?).

Alternatively, see the Contact Us page for details on how to ask us a question directly. We do not respond to emails about specific moderation cases.