What do I get when I place an advert on PistonHeads??

Advertising a car

Premium adverts for a used car cost £11.99 for 30 days on the website. A premium advert always appears before the standard adverts in the search listings, regardless of how the user filters the search (by price, distance etc). A premium advert always gets priority - a huge benefit in a crowded market - and you can upload up to twelve photographs, nine more than on a standard advert.

Advertising a Motorbike, Big Stuff and other items

A standard advert is free. For this you’ll get up to three photographs and no restrictions on the length of your description. Placing a standard ad will mean that your advert will be live before the eyes of up to 4 million potential buyers, but be aware that these adverts will be placed behind premium listings

To advertise in any section other than the used car section, please click the yellow link just above the VRM box on the sell your car page. The link says "I want to sell something else" and from here you can select the relevant category.

All adverts on PistonHeads run for up to 30 days, after which they can be relisted if necessary.

How do I submit an advert?

Private advertisers

If you're new to the PH Classifieds, go to our Classifieds page and click "Register for Classifieds" which can be found in the top right hand corner of the screen. You'll be asked to upload photos and for payment (where applicable) during the process. It's all self-explanatory.

If you've advertised with us before, log in by going to the classifieds page and selecting "log in to classifieds".

How long do adverts last?

All adverts on PistonHeads run for up to 30 days, after which they can be relisted if necessary. Relisting a car advert will be charged at £11.99. Relisting Premium adverts in other categories may cost up to £11.99.

When will my advert appear?

As soon as we have approved it, normally within an hour. However, some adverts are manually approved and this can make the process a little longer, especially during weekends and out of office hours.

How do I edit my advert or photographs ?

To edit your advert please visit the classifieds home page. Once there, log into your account. Here you will find all the tools you need to amend your advert once live.

To edit your photographs log into your classifieds account (see above) and click the link for Edit Photgraphs. We recommend that you upload images one at a time as this can make the upload process run more smoothly if your internet connection isn't super speedy!


If you're a motor trader, you can log in by visiting our classifieds page by using either your dealership name (if you have one agreed with our sales team) or your email address.

Where is my advert?

Please check which catgeory you've put your advert into, sometimes our VRM box may not have selected the most appropriate one for you. To check which category your advert is in, go to your advert management section and click edit advert then go to Step 5 - Preview. If you think your advert is in the wrong section, please get in touch and we will move it across for you as it is not something you can do yourself.

I still can't find it!

It can take up to an hour for our servers to update once you submit an advert, so if you have only just posted your advert then check back later and it should have appeared.

Awaiting approval

If your advert hasn’t appeared within an hour, log into your ‘Manage My Ads’ section to check that the advert is live. If the status of your advert reads ‘Awaiting Approval’ rather than ‘Live’ it could mean that your advert is being dealt with by a member of the PH team.
This is not something to worry about, but it could mean a slight delay in making your advert live - sometimes as long as one working day. You will be notified by e-mail as soon as the advert has been approved.

Email bouncing

Occasionally, e-mails sent by PistonHeads can be rejected by the e-mail provider. Normally this occurs when the spam filter blocks them from entering your inbox, so please ensure you change your settings to allow e-mails from @pistonheads.com.

E-mails can also bounce because the inbox is full; it may sound obvious but it’s worth checking as this may be the cause of your problem.

Please ensure there are no problems with your e-mail before reactivating your advert, as this may stop replies from potential buyers reaching you.

How do I upload pictures?

When creating an advert you will be taken to the ‘upload photos’ screen. To start uploading please ensure that your chosen images are saved to your computer as we are unable to take images from sites such as Flickr. Depending on your choice of advert, you will be able to upload up to either three or twelve images, but we do recommend uploading images individually as that can result in a smoother upload process.

If you are using Internet Explorer to create your advert, please make sure that you are using the most up to date version of the software. For all other browsers, you will need to click "add photo 1" - wait till the image uploads in front of you before continuing. Please do not select all photos at once and click continue, your photos will not upload. You need to be able to see your photos before you continue to the next step.

Ooops, an error has occurred

Problems when submitting your advert

When placing your advert, you may get an oops error when you press continue between Step 1- Write your ad, and Step 2 - Contact preferences. This is because something in your account details has not been completed, usually a postcode or a phone number. To check this, click your name in the top right hand corner of the classifieds page when logged in.

If you see the message "please do not use HTML coding or swear words, links or email addresses" this means you have either put one of the banned words in your description, or attempted to copy and paste it from another site. Whilst we know it can save time to copy and paste, it will leave coding in your advert which may prevent you from editing in the future.

Problems adding pictures

  • We have introduced a new larger file size limit for our photographs, your images can now be up to 5MB, however if your photo is as large as 5MB it may be worth you uploading them one at a time to prevent your browser from stalling.
  • Should you find it difficult to take images that are the correct size, consider choosing a lower resolution or image size using the settings on your camera.

Try this

Most images can be uploaded to the site with no problems, but some files cause errors for no immediately obvious reason. Read the following tips for getting photos onto your advert.

Try submitting just one picture at a time (rather than all at once).

If you find that the uploading wheel is spinning for more than a minute or so, it may be that your photos are too large in dimensions, please try and resize them to around 800x600.

If when you click add photo 1, the box does not pop up, try using another browser such as Google Chrome. Alternativly, you can update your current browser, disabling the pop up blocker too.

Turn down your camera settings

Choosing a lower resolution/size setting on your camera is a good way to get the files to a more usable size. The minimum setting on most digital cameras (even the latest smartphones) is perfectly adequate for the pictures that'll go on your ad, and should help you avoid any errors. Again, there is no benefit to using larger images as we automatically resize them.

Other options

If you don't want to resize your images, there are a couple of options to sidestep the problem. First, you can try sending one image at a time, to avoid exceeding the set time limit. The other option is to try again at a less busy time of day, as this will allow your images to transmit a little bit faster, which can sometimes let images that were struggling at peak times scrape through.

I can't log in

E-mail address not recognised

Since the launch of the new classifieds page we have introduced a universal log in. If you are a forum user who in the past used to sign into your members & classifieds account with the same email address, your log in will now be your forum username. For old classified members who are not registered on the PistonHeads forum, you should use your email address to log in with.

It's asking for a login name

Our site has two login areas: one for forum members and one for classified adverts. The classified login can be found HERE then clicking log into classifieds.

Why is my card being declined?

When paying, please ensure your card is registered to the same address as your PistonHeads account. To edit your PistonHeads account details, log in on the classified page as normal, then click your name in the top right hand corner. Once your details have been updated, you can try the payment again. Once your payment has been taken sucessfully and you've received an email receipt from Worldpay, you can swap your details back to show the correct location fo the car if it differs.

Also, please ensure you enter the CVC code on the back of your card. Whilst it's not mandatory for all payments made via WorldPay, to pay with us you have to enter it for your card to be accepted.

Editing problems

I've edited my advert, but it hasn't changed

Our classifieds can take up to an hour to update, so any changes you make will not appear instantly on the site.

What does 'you can only make a few changes' mean?

This is a standard message which appears whenever you try to edit a live advert. Most things can still be changed on a live advert, including the price, description and pictures, but please note that it is not possible to change the advert category.

The price I entered has disappeared

Make sure you don't use any special characters or decimals when entering a price within an advert – as an example write 25000 not £25,000. Also be aware that we do not accept phrases like 'ONO' or 'OVNO'. Comments like this should be written within the advert description.

How do I relist my advert?

To relist your advert, you must first wait for it to expire (30 days after it was posted). At this time you will be offered the option to resubmit within the advert management. We regret that it is not possible to relist adverts as new before this time.

I've uploaded new pictures, but I still see my old ones!

New pictures can take a few minutes to circulate through the site, so you may see your older pictures for a short while as our servers update them. If it takes over an hour, try clearing your browser's cache to make sure you're seeing the most up-to-date version of the site.

PhoneSafe problems

If you find you PhoneSafe number is not working or is going through to its default setting (the speaking clock) it can be reset. Please call us on 0208 102 0508

Dealer Tracking numbers

If you see a number on your trade advertisement that isn't yours, that will be your tracking number. We have automatically enabled this on all trade accounts, so we can track response and improve it where we can. If the contact number in your account details is correct, the tracking number will connect through to you.

Other questions

If you have another question take a look in the rest of our Website Feedback forum and if you can't see the answer, feel free to post a question and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, see the Contact Us page for details on how to ask us a question directly.