Parking in St Helier



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Thursday 14th July 2016
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Hello All,

I am coming to St Helier by car on Monday purely to drop off kit at a site in St Helier, from then I only need the car to get home on Wednesday. I have look at the parking system and it looks like it is going to cost around £10 a day to park. While I don't condone parking charges does anyone know of somewhere within walking distance of the marina that I can park a car for cheaper?

If anyone fancies a few beers I will be at the Pomme D'or Hotel in the evenings but at work during the days.



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Wednesday 20th July 2016
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well I'm a little hazy on the exact best places to park, but honestly there's not much that isnt a relatively short walk

you can look along Victoria avenue,-2.12097...

The street view there shows some kind of restriction but I think it may drop off further away from st helier

Honestly though, you can drive pretty directly straight from town along a main road, then just turn into a side street and leave it, nothing is going to happen to it, then either walk back in 20-30 mins or hop on a bus, probably a slightly better bet too then parking on the main avenue with an english plate since a warden is probably going to go that way at some point, even just heading home and catch sight of the car, again though it might be ok further down.

you'll see a fair few signs like waiting limited to 12 in 24 hours, but honestly I can't imagine that being a big issue.